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YES! A Learning Experience Exclusively For Mature Women

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If you've ever felt like an outsider when it comes to online learning; for instance, learning about technology or new programs, I understand.

Even though we are still active professionals and not at all dinosaurs in our trade, we may feel more comfortable learning at a slower pace with other women looking for the same type of experience. Do you feel that way too?

I personally don't always fit into a conversation with some of the more savvy instructors who use jargon that I don't understand or deliver from their head not their heart.

I enjoy more of a lighthearted feel myself

Join me for a 4 Week YouTube learning experience where you will gain important foundational tips, tools, and resources that can help launch or grow your YouTube Channel right away. All done with a sense of fun, ease, and at a pace most can follow.

Each week you will leave our call with actionable steps to start building and planning for success. And you won't be alone because you will have a community of women to support and encourage you along the way if you'd like.

Plus you'll have ME! I'll be available during our call and during scheduled times in between.

My main purpose for creating this course is so you don't have to do it alone

IMPORTANT - The tools you receive in this course will benefit more than your YouTube Channel.

• Using your channel as the home base for your content affords you ease in sharing

• Your content can be used on other social media channels, in emails, and in your blogs

• Having a functioning YouTube Channel provides a level of professionalism to your prospects, similar to how important it was to have a website years ago. Remember?

• In this course, you will learn in a relaxed and friendly fashion what many people on YouTube still don't know and professionals who are not yet on YouTube wish they knew.

This course is for you:

  •  If you are a mature professional woman with a YouTube channel that is nonexistent or nonproductive
  • If as a solopreneur, you want to be a part of a community where you can create together with like-minded women
  • If you have great content (old, new or still in your head) that you’d like to place where it has the longest life span possible
  •  If other courses intimidate you because of you're age, the content, or the pace
  • If you'd like to learn the most important information necessary to get started in the shortest period of time, comfortably and affordably
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If That's You, Great! - Because Those Are Only a Few Of

The Reasons I Created This Course!

You see, I've been working with women entrepreneurs for over 16 years helping them build their businesses. And now that I am a senior myself, I want to help other mature/senior women create their legacy on YouTube, whether for business purposes or to realize a passion or vision deep within.

Here you will learn at a comfortable yet productive pace and have a community of like-minded women who care that you show up and succeed.

This is not your typical course - Come casual, bring a beverage and a 'quiet' snack.

Bring your positivity, bring your fears, bring your heart, bring your doubts

And for goodness sake, don't forget your sense of humor!

Please Start With The Most Important Stuff

After interviewing many women about their YouTube Channels, I realized that not everyone wants to learn EVERYTHING about YouTube. Some just wanted to get the basics so they can begin to benefit from all that YouTube has to offer.

They Made Statements Like:

  • How can my videos get global exposure?
  • How can I manage a YouTube Channel when I don't have enough time now?
  • Teach me your resources so I can save time and money
  • What don't I know that I should know to be successful?
  • I want to learn how to earn full or part-time income

So, I put together the top topics women were looking to learn about.


I did my best to make it basic and powerful. Learn what you need to learn first and if after that you want to learn more, you will have a solid foundation to do so. Sound good?

Below is what you can expect to learn during the next 4 weeks when you register for YOUTUBE FOR SENIOR SOLOPRENEURS

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Week #1 - OPTIMIZE

This is the night we learn how some of the simplest tweaks can make or break your exposure and results.

These little tips mount up to the beginning of a successful channel. You will surely feel like a pro once you start implementing them



Too Busy For YouTube? Not Any More!

Tonight we learn to streamline how to market your business so that you actually save time, feel more organized & professional, and best of all, have a system in place to turn over to an assistant

MAXIMIZE _1_.png


Imagine learning shortcuts that simplify your uploading process and resources that can help you learn what your audience really wants to hear from you so you can accommodate them? Stay tuned as this week we learn these and a bunch more tips that are fun, efficient & increase productivity

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Can I say that this week is my favorite? Not just because it's about how to earn a part or full-time income as a YouTube Creator, but I thoroughly enjoy the response I get as you learn how many ways there are to monetize your channel and how quickly you can start earning. I can't wait!

2-Payment-Plan Option Available

What Can You Expect to Get From This Course?

Expect to -

  • Gain the foundational workings of your YouTube Channel
  • Learn tips on how to upload and maximize your videos for the best exposure and desired outcome
  • Gather tips to repurpose archived content for a new audience and additional income
  • Build a library of resources and tools that help shorten your path, save time and money
  • Learn how to use YouTube as a vault for everything you want to save including private content.
  • Learn what makes or breaks a successful channel
  • Fall in love with a platform like you've never loved loved a platform before - I promise!

What This Is

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What this is – 

  • An in-depth and interactive conversation about the most important steps that will reap the biggest rewards
  • 4 hours of teaching the busy entrepreneur how to maximize their time with YouTube as the foundation
  • A way to start off 2023 with a new and effective way to promote your business or share your other talents for the world to appreciate - don't you think?

What This Isn't

What this isn’t –

  • Perfect- Yep! Guess what, I'm not perfect and I won't expect you to be!.
  • A prerecorded course – This is a live event each week even though some nights I'll be more live than others.
  • Impersonal – I want to get to know you and hear your story. There will be time after each call for Q&A and additional time during bonus hours You never HAVE to share. So don't worry if that's an issue. You will not be pressured. But if you want to be known, you will have the opportunity to be.
  • Fast-paced, intimidating – This workshop is designed to go at the pace of a mature yet educated learner - For anyone who moves faster or slower, I will do my best to make sure you have support.
  • Filled with fluff – I know you’re busy so while having fun, we will stay as intentional as possible - but don't forget, this is a room filled with women... need I say more?

Fran, What Were You Thinking?

Why YouTube?

Couldn't you create another type of community?

I ask myself that often! But here's the short version. I made a promise to make videos to help women Thrive. (hang around long enough to hear the whole story - probably on week 4)

I've had several women's groups throughout the years, from Self Esteem to teaching women how to become entrepreneurs. Then I realized I wanted to provide a community where we all worked toward a common goal so that we could speak the same language and build something separately and together.

I absolutely LOVE YouTube. And since making videos is a fun experience for me and I know a bit about how to do it, I figured that this would be the path to take and hopefully other women would join in. Maybe you'll join?!?

Also, please note: I have never been strict on rules so if you are under 60 or have no intention to create a youtube channel, I want to welcome you with open arms. You belong here if you think you do.

I'll be learning right along with you and creating with you too. This is a place where we will fail a little together and then succeed a lot together! Fair enough?


Self Expression At It's Best

While learning the foundational details of having a YouTube Channel, rest assured we will also be looking at how to incorporate the essence of you into all that you do.

This not only helps your audience connect with you, but it helps you feel fulfilled by being truly authentic.

So, yes, we will be tapping into what turns you on!

2-Payment-Plan Option Available


Zoom link and all details will be provided after registration

Course Schedule

Start Date



End Date




7:00 pm - 8:00 pm ET

4:00 pm - 5:00 pm PT

Weekly Bonus Call

Q & A

Start Date



End Date




12:00 pm - 1:00 pm EST

9:00 am -10:00am PST

Total Price


Between Class Activities

Milestones, Intentions & Actionable Assignments

2-Payment-Plan Option Available

Who's Giving this Course Anyway?

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Meet Fran Asaro

Hi, I'm Fran Asaro and I created the Senior Tuber Community to help women in that awkward stage of life, you know, stuck between a working woman and what's commonly referred to as an old woman. Where you feel young enough to want to be active yet haven't quite found where you belong to express that part of yourself.

I hear you!

Once I turned 60, even though I loved my age, I heard myself asking questions about my future

Questions like:

  • What's next?
  • How will I leave my legacy?
  • Will I be alone?
  • How can I stay purposeful and stimulated?
  • Will I have enough money to support myself?

I knew when these questions arose, that deep inside I was hearing the voices of many senior women. Right then I decided to create a community where we can all support each other, create together and be a part of a community of women up to something.

And we could Thrive for as long as possible.

Whether you are single or connected, working or not, financially secure or not, you belong here if we feel right for you. No one will ask for your credentials.

This is a safe place to be vulnerable and to also be self-expressed. Bring your fun side and let's have a gentle and loving experience together. OK?

I am so happy you are here and I look forward to meeting you personally!



Learn more about Fran Asaro and what she does to help women love their lives!
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