Hoshizaki America

Kelly A Marincik, Southcentral Regional Sales Director


Leading Manufacturer of Commercial Ice Machines, Ice storage, and Reach-In Refrigeration. Hoshizaki has 8 different styles of ice along with Reach-In products that can help with cold storageneeds and food prep solutions.

Quik n' Crispy Greaseless Fryers

Paul Artt, President


"Quik n' Crispy Greaseless Fryers, are patented counter-top hot air ovens that uses a combination of hot air, radiant heat and an elevated perforated basket to fry, grill or ake profitable menu items without the need of vented hoods."

Gold Medal Products Co.

David Garretson


"Leading manufacturer and supplier of equipment, food products and packaging for cinema and entertainment concessions, including popcorn machines, caramel cookers, staging cabinets,

Airframe/Harkness Screens

Richard Mitchell


"The fast and professional solution for building large projection surfaces for short-term use. Combining leading technologies from MovieScreens Technologies and Harkness Screens, air- frame®"

American Cinema Equipment

Doug Sabin503-285-7015

"American Cinema Equipment (ACE) provides engineering, service, parts, design and equipment. We also feature remote support and after hours hotline to customers. Meeting expectations may be the industry standard; exceeding them is ours!"

BGW & Datasat ATI

Dan Taylor, Director, Cinema Sales


"Showcasing the BGW Balanced Differential VXi Immersive Sound Amplifiers and the Datasat AP25 Digital Audio Proces- sor, manufactured by Amplifier Technologies in California, USA. BGW & Datas t are the Power and Finesse Behind Exceptional Ticket Sales."

Bright Star Systems Corp.

Mel Hopland


"Cinema Equipment Supplier, Consulting, Design, Sales, Installa- tion, Service. Digital Cinema Experts."

ButtKicker Active Seating

Mark Luden


"ButtKicker Cinema System works with all movies; encoding NOT required. BKCS uses the soundtrack’s existing audio signals from all channels. Audiences “feel” the movie’s impact resulting in a dramatic, immersive and more compelling cinema experience."


Josh Hernandez


"Christie has the widest range of cinema projectors to cover all screen sizes with either xenon lamps featuring our new advanced format CineLife+™ electronics or RGB pure laser. For the best on-screen image, these technology options are yours."


Pier Carlo Ottoni, Sales & Marketing Director


Cinemeccanica remains the benchmark for cinematographic equipment and now for laser technologies manifacturing RGB laser lamps and projectors. The group head office is located in Milan (Italy) and a subsidiary company is located in Paris (France).


Wim Buyens,CEO


Cinionic is laser-focused on you. With our laser projection, you'll house today's leading technology capable of impressing all moviegoers on every size of screen. From boutique to premium, we have a laser solution for every screen and business.


Sarayah Rogers


"Dolby offers a full range of audio, imaging, accessibility, and content management solutions designed to give audiences the most sp ctacular, fully immersive cinema experience available to date."

Enpar Audio and Supply Co.

Stetson Snell, President


"Complete cinema solutions including projectors, audio, servers, screens, concessions, FEC, and installation. We offer turn key services as well as design of your facility and remodel. Over 10 years of service in the industry. We save you money!!"

GDC Technology of America LLC

Tony Adamson


GDC is a leading digital cinema solutions provider with its manufacturing facility certified with ISO 9001:2015 by SGS. GDC develops, manufactures, and sells cinema projec- tors, media servers, ontent storage systems, and cinema enterprise software.

High Performance Stereo

John Allen


HPS-4000 Motion Picture Sound Systems.


Michael Ewald, President


"Makers of durable laser tag equipment to get families off the couch and into your center since 1997. Discover our fee-free support, industry-best warranty and interest-free financing. Add the proven revenue of laser tag to smooth your seasonality."

Lighting Technologies International (LTI)

Ana Simonian, President, Global Sales


"Lighting Technologies International (LTI) is a digital cinema xe- non lamp manufacturer based in Baldwin Park, Ca. LTI products are made in SA and are backed by the best in class warranty and service."


Jackie Gallagher, Marketing Manager 9


"The Cinema Lighting business within ams OSRAM has been at the forefront of innovation. OSRAM XBO® Digital lamps offer the quality and reliability that is critical for cinemas t provide the best moviegoing experience for their audiences."


Siobhan Lamb


"QSC is an American manufacturer of audio products including power amplifiers, loudspeakers, digital mixers and digital signal processors including the Q-Sys networked audio, video and control platform."

Sharp NEC Display Solutions

Jennifer Cheh, Sr. Vice President, Marketing


"Sharp NEC Display Solutions is a provider of innovative profes- sional desktop, large sc een LCD and dvLED displays, business and cinema projectors."

Shenzhen Intela Laser Technology Co., Ltd

James Intela, International Sales Manager


"Shenzhen Intela Laser Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company engaged in the R & D and application of RGB Laser Display Technology."

Ushio America

Jan Johnson & Therese Kienz


"Ushio is one of the largest, most trusted names in the manufac- turing of high-pressure xenon lamps. Only Ushio lamps are tested, approved and certified by all projector manufacturers including Barco, NEC and Sony. Ready to ship from our US Warehouse."

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