Top Select and The Athlete Factory

We are excited to continue our strength & conditioning program with your athletes at Top Select. Our training program has been proven to deliver results with Central Florida’s top athletes over the last 16+ years and we have no doubt that this program will be the same. 

Our training program will be starting a new training phase starting on January 2, 2023. Each athlete will have the opportunity to train 2x per week or 8x per month during this time with our coaches at The Top Select Facility or at our home facility The Athlete Factory.

Training at Top Select Facility 

The Athlete Factory will be offering exclusive classes for volleyball athletes at the Top Select location. These classes will be held Monday through Thursday at the following times:

Varsity Select/Junior Select 6:35pm

Varsity Select/Junior Select 7:40pm

Space is limited in these classes with only 10 slots each. If you are interested in reserving your spot for the next 3 months in our training program at Top Select, please follow the instructions below. 

Respond to [email protected] with the 2x per week you would like to reserve for training. 

Follow this link to set up a Mindbody account and set up payment information. 

  • Payment is $199 per month with a 3 month commitment. 
  • Payment Dates will be 1. Date of Registration 2. February 2, 2023 3. March 2, 2023
  • Payments will run automatically using the Credit/Debit Card used to set up membership.

Follow Up emails will be sent with confirmation of training dates, times and check in information. 

Training at The Athlete Factory 

We will also be offering our training at The Athlete Factory location to all Top Select athletes. For more information on training at this location please click here to learn more and to get started. 

Should you have any additional questions, feel free to call or text us at ‪(407) 476-5862‬ or email us at [email protected]

Our training team is looking forward to working with your daughters and helping them reach their athletic potential!