Blog 1: The Cultural and Evolutionary Roots of Story

Blog 2: Lessons from an

Ancient Tale

Blog 3: The Story Brain Tango

Blog 4: Stories—The Original Body Snatchers

Blog 5: Do Stories Come

from the Gods?

Blog 6: Climbing the Ladder

to the Moon

Blog 7: How Our Penchant for Patterns Impacts the

Stories We Tell

Blog 8: The Einstellung Effect: How Stories Can Train

Us Not to See

Blog 9: How Do We Overcome the Power of the Einstellung Effect?

Blog 10: Story as Our Penchant for a Supernormal Pattern

Blog 11: When is a Story Not a Story, and Why Does it Matter?

Blog 12: The Perils of Destorification

Blog 13: What Does it Mean to Lose a Metanarrative?

Blog 14: The Narrative Construction of Our Reality—Are Our Memories to be Trusted?

Blog 15: Our Achilles Heel: Memory Malleability

Blog 16: How our Memories Serve a Higher Purpose

Blog 17: The Push and Pull of Correspondence and Coherence in Our Memories

Blog 18: The Seven Sins of Memory, Part I

Blog 19: The Seven Sins of Memory, Continued: Do You Know More About Memory Than

Trained Psychologists? 

Blog 20: The Play of Time and Space in Our Memories

Blog 21: When Stories Become Weapons to do Harm and Kill

Blog 22: More on How

Stories Can Kill