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"How To Quickly & Easily Get Back Unclaimed Funds That Are Rightfully Yours!"

You were more than likely invited to this announcement by a

email, letter, or postcard that you received from us...

That means the chances are good that you are one of the millions

of people in the U.S. that have unclaimed money sitting in a

government agency waiting for you to get it!


If you want to find out right now, simply

call us at: (347) 290-2080.

Email: [email protected]

You were probably skeptical before you received this email and

you may still be uncertain if there really is such a thing as

"unclaimed money”.

Sadly, this is a huge deal as evidenced by it being profiled

on Dateline NBC, ABC News, Good Morning America, Fox Business,

Fox News and CBS News.

In fact, there's an entire government agency dedicated

to unclaimed property, it's called the National Association

of Unclaimed Property Administrators

Here's some startling facts that they published 

in their annual report:

“...A total of $792 billion dollars is currently being safeguarded by

state treasurers...”

“...$219 billion was received in FY 2020 alone from accounts where

contact has been lost with the owners...”

“...Only $162 billion was returned to the rightful owners since

Fiscal Year 2020...”

“...Claims can be made into perpetuity in most cases - even by



So now that you can see this is totally legit, let's talk about where

these unclaimed funds come from and where they go. Here's a

small sample of the types of funds that may be waiting for you to


1) Forgotten or unused bank accounts...

2) Stocks, bonds, dividends, and Mutual Funds...

3) Insurance checks or refunds...

4) Certificate of Deposits (CDs)...

5) Trust funds and Probate...

6) Tax refunds...

7) Escrow Accounts...

And more!

Banks and other businesses are required to turn unclaimed money

like this over to the states and national government for

safekeeping. And the thing is they could care less if you find it

because they are collecting interest off of that money!

“Which is why it isn't very easy to track down your unclaimed


That's where we come into play.

Our team of researchers thoroughly examines government

records, books and accounts to discover unclaimed money being

held by the various municipal, state and federal agencies across

the country that is rightfully yours.

We do all the work, pay all the expenses and jump through all the

administrative hoops to reclaim your money. There is no

upfront or out-of-pocket cost to you.

This is a key point for you to understand here. There are quite a

few scammers out there claiming to help you find your funds but

don't follow through. You should NEVER trust someone that asks

you to pay for this service up front!

We only get paid if we find unclaimed funds for you. How

it works is we will simply get a small percentage of the funds owed

to you. It's a really fair trade off for us doing all the work to find

the money you never knew you had.

CBJ Social Online LLC is a company specializing in the location

and recovery of unclaimed funds on behalf of individuals,

companies, trusts and estates.


You can call right now by dialing: (347) 290-2080.

Or email: [email protected]

You can get all your questions answered and if you feel

comfortable having us search for your unclaimed funds, we can

certainly help you do that faster and easier than you ever could on

your own!

If you think about it, you really have nothing to lose and

everything to gain by emailing or calling us today. If we don't find

any unclaimed funds for you, the only thing you are out is a few

minutes of your time talking to us.

If that's the case, at least you can rest assured that you don't have

any money sitting out there waiting for you...

However, if we are able to find unclaimed funds waiting for you, it

will be just like hitting the lottery!

Either way, you kind of owe it to yourself to find out, don't you?

Give us a call at (347) 290-2080 or email

[email protected] right now, you'll be glad you did.


Charles Brown

CBJ Social Online LLC

Phone: (347) 290-2080

Email: [email protected]

PS - You are the rightful owner. Now, let me help you go get it!