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Bureaucracy and mindless tasks kill productivity, efficiency, and innovation. New technology has not only cleared the way to increase efficiency, but soon government entities will be forced to adapt new technologies to keep up with its constituent’s expectations. What new technologies am I talking about—RPA and AI.

It’s fair to say that the future is in AI and RPA. However, it’s easy to around terms without fully understanding what they mean, and—more importantly—how they are going to benefit you.

Artificial Intelligence (AI): Simulates human intelligence by using computer systems (learning, reasoning, and self-correction)

Robotic Process Automation (RPA): This automates business tasks that can be repeated. The robot performs the same task repeatedly, and acts—in essence—as a “virtual assistant”

So, how does AI and RPA benefit you?

 RPA reduces human error (and related costs), improves efficiency (a robot can’t get tired!), and allows humans to work on more productive tasks.

RPA is the next step in improving efficiency in government. We have partnered with an RPA company that we believe is the best fit for government—Automation Anywhere.

What is Automation Anywhere?

Automation Anywhere is a software company that develops Robotic Process Animation (which is what we’ve been discussing). It also happens to be a Gartner leader, the world’s most deployed platform (2.8 million bots in 90 countries) and is considered the easiest to use.

But Why Automation Anywhere Over other RPA Software companies (Blueprism and UiPath)

1.) It is easier to deploy. It doesn’t require third-party integration, and you don’t need programmers to create your bots. Anyone can do it, and they can do it instantly.

2.) It works with all mediums (Citrix, desktop, web)

3.) It can be used for front and back-office automation

4.) It Has exceptional reliability

5.) It is based on Microsoft technologies

6.) It employs world class security standards that are far superior than its competitors

To learn more about Automation Anywhere, reach out to our sales team at [email protected]