Body First COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

Entrance to the Space

Everyone will be greeted at the door for a temperature check with a no-touch thermometer and a COVID-19 Symptom Questionnaire.

Clients will be required to utilize the hand sanitizer upon entry.

Once inside, you will be presented with a paper bag in which you will find a complementary pair of gloves for your use. Please leave your bags, coats, and purses in your car or at home. Please store your remaining belongings (i.e. cell phone) inside the paper bag.

General Safety Precautions

Everyone is required to wear a facial mask inside the building at all times during all services including, but not limited to group classes, private sessions, and massage appointments. This is to ensure not only your own safety, but the safety of others well. Should you forget yours, the studio has one you can wear.

Please arrive no more than 10 minutes before your class, private session, or massage. This ensures enough time to get set up and avoid congregating at the door. Please be mindful of the 6-foot social distancing rule at all times.

Sessions and classes will end right at the 55 minute mark (on time) to allow time for thorough cleaning of each piece of equipment.

We open our large garage door at least twice per day to air out the space.

All frequently-touched surfaces, including our restrooms, are disinfected regularly with CDC approved disinfectants.

All sessions must be paid for via electronic payment. Participants must reserve their session ahead of time with a credit card before the service.

Specific Guidelines for Massage Sessions

Talking will be kept to a minimum.

Clients are required to wear a mask while face up on the table. Clients are permitted to remove their mask while face down in the head cradle.

Specific Guidelines for Pilates Sessions

Clients will be required to wear gripper socks to protect your feet. Should you forget your socks, the studio will have some available for purchase.


Unlike other studios, we are able to safely utilize our equipment with removable cloth covers. Straps and handles are difficult to clean and sanitize. We have worked very hard to develop a design that covers every inch of the non-cleanable areas of the reformer, chair, and tower. Each piece of equipment will have their own set of cloth coverings. After each session, these cloth coverings will be bleached and returned to a sealed bag. Coverings will not be placed onto equipment until right before each session. Equipment will be cleaned by a staff member post class to ensure proper disinfecting.


Clients are required to bring their own mat.

Clients are required to bring their own props - a stability ball (8-10" in diameter) and a theraband. Should clients forget their props, we have a limited number on hand for purchase at the studio. We recommend the following props; however, you are welcome to purchase your own: