HAVE YOU ever felt a longing for deeper spiritual clarity and connection?

ARE YOU seeking a stronger foundation for your knowledge and understanding of God's Word?

HAVE YOU lost your connection with a study group or faith community since the pandemic?

DO YOU need a roadmap back to the faith that inspired your love for Jesus in the first place?

At Steady On University, we dive thoughtfully into God's Word. Our unique approach fosters a transformative learning experience, empowering you to explore and grasp the scriptures with renewed confidence.

Our primary goal at SOU is to develop habits that create consistency in your Bible study.

We achieve this consistency goal through:

  • Weekly Bible study resources, interactive Bible studies, and studyalong sessions
  • Monthly guest speakers sharing personal testimony on God's transformation through Bible study
  • Intersession study materials written by visiting teachers
  • Full access to an ever-growing library of studies and resources

Do you pay for monthly video streaming services?

Do you buy print or audio books?

Do you visit a coffee shop for your favorite hot beverage?

Do you buy tickets to movies or sporting events?

For a similar expense, you can make a significant investment in your spiritual health and growth.

Beauty from Ashes. Angie Baughman is an embodiment of what God does in the surrendered life of His child. God has transformed and continues to work on Angie bringing beauty from the ashes of the tremendous sufferings she experienced earlier in her life. She exudes the beauty that emanates deep from within her heart, a heart that longs for intimacy with her Savior, a heart that delights in studying, speaking, and teaching His Word, a heart of service, of compassion, and of encouragement for those who have gone and are going through suffering and pain. This is the beauty God has brought out in Angie.

Cecille Valoria

Author of "Slaying Your Fear Giants"

Angie’s teaching is a beautiful combination of her contagious love for Jesus, her depth of Biblical knowledge, and her relatable, encouraging style. Her Step By Step Bible study method provides a simple yet memorable way to understand God’s Word–my favorite way to study! Here in Steady On University, Angie offers us even more of her insight, study tools, and practical applications of Scripture. If you are ready to dig deeper into God’s Word in a community of grace and joy, connect with Angie and sign up today!

Susie Crosby

Author of "Just One Word"

SOU provides a community that encourages questions, seeks answers, and trusts the Holy Spirit to be our primary Teacher and Guide.

SOU goes beyond traditional teaching methods, offering numerous benefits. 

  • Confidence: Develop the skills to interpret and understand God's Word with assurance, even in the face of false teachings.
  • Personal Growth: Become a stronger believer, excited to share the hope and love of Christ with others.
  • Pastoral Care: Learn from Angie Baughman, a pastor with a passion for study. A trauma and abuse survivor, Angie knows personally the transformative power of knowing God through His Word.
  • Support: You will be cared for, prayed for, and encouraged by our amazing team.

Our goal is to support your growth in the Word and foster a deeper connection with the Lord. With Steady On University, you'll have access to a wealth of resources and a caring community, helping you navigate life's challenges with confidence and grace.

Step By Step is an inductive Bible study method that uses five steps to study one word in a verse of scripture to find transformational life application.


Pick a word for your focus.


  1. Compare your word in other Bible translations.
  2. Research the original word.
  3. Read commentary.
  4. Rewrite the verse in your own words.


Note the characteristics of God most important to you in what you are studying.


See where the enemy is working to steal your joy, kill your peace, and destroy your trust in God.


Consider your key takeaway.

Hello, I'm Angie Baughman.

I am a pastor, Bible teacher, podcaster, author, speaker, founder of Steady On, and creator of the Step By Step Bible study method. Yes, I know! That's a lot of job titles.

More than all that, though, I am a woman who has been touched by the hand of God through Bible study.

I began seriously studying the Bible in 2000 when I was introduced to inductive Bible studies offered through Precept ministries. I later became certified to teach Precept classes and have led hundreds of Bible study classes over the past two decades.

In all that studying and teaching, here's what I know to be true:

  • The enemy does not want us to know the Word of God and will use distractions to keep us out.
  • Healing is found in the Word of God and we must fight for our time to stay in.

Building in accountability and intentionality around our Bible study is imperative. You will find excellent teaching and Bible study content inside SOU, yes. But perhaps even more importantly, you will find community, support, and structure that helps you develop CONSISTENT Bible study habits.

Lessons from study guidebooks are released weekly inside SOU. Each week's lesson has four days of content, including:

  • Prayers for you and for our community.
  • Bible Passages that take each weekly lesson deeper.
  • Step By Step Bible Studies that train you in inductive Bible study.
  • Audio Podcasts featuring Angie with various ministry partners.
  • Devotions that center your heart and mind.
  • Action Steps to begin changing your life today.
  • Music Playlists designed to keep you motivated, focused, and in a worshipful place with the Lord.

Preview a weekly lesson here.


Membership is $27/month and automatically renews.


No full or pro-rated refunds for partial month are offered, but you can cancel anytime. Upon cancellation, your membership will remain active until the next renewal date.


Studies vary in length. Some are as long as sixteen lessons while others are only four lessons. We stagger the length of studies to help members stay engaged and interact with fresh study material.


Yes! Those who join mid-study will have access to all lessons of the current study and all studies previously offered.


No! Our community uses the Circle platform. When logged into Circle, all information is directly related to SOU to minimize the temptation to scroll. All resources are organized and labeled for easy access.

Inspiring study material to help you grow

in Biblical understanding.

A warm community to keep you

encouraged and accountable

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