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The Network offered a virtual event unlike any other this year! Together we engaged the participation of a wide range of Network stakeholders including member agency professionals and lay leadership, the full participation of our 21+ active Network Affinity Groups, partner organizations, funders, the corporate community and colleagues from Neshama: Association of Jewish Chaplains and the European Council of Jewish Communities.

It has truly been a year like none other. Even before the pandemic, antisemitism and racial injustice were on full display. The US refugee resettlement program was severely curtailed and the global pandemic quickly escalated the critical and lifesaving need for Jewish human services. Working together as a Network, we found new ways to serve while ensuring the safety of our clients, staff and volunteers and recognizing the lasting impact the quarantine mandates have had on the mental health of everyone involved.

Pathable Orientation Video Recording


All sessions were recorded and (slides) will be available for a full year following the conference,

via the conference platform.



Lay Leader Plenary Session

Building the Board of Your Dreams with Joan Garry

Hosted by NJHSA Lay Leadership Affinity Group

Sponsored by Mutual of America

Joan Garry is an internationally recognized champion for the nonprofit sector and a highly sought-after executive coach for CEOs at some of the nation’s largest organizations. Joan’s firm offers high-end strategic advisory services with a unique combination of coaching and management consulting. She is called upon by large organizations to tackle substantial change management, crisis management and leadership transitions requiring a hands-on strategist, a messaging expert, and a compassionate truth teller.

Joan is the go-to resource for hundreds of thousands of nonprofit leaders worldwide. Through her blog, podcast and book, Joan Garry’s Guide to Nonprofit Leadership, she has become the ‘Dear Abby’ of the nonprofit sector, advocating for the success of nonprofits, large and small.

Join Joan Garry and learn to Build the Board of Your Dreams!


Mutual of America Financial Group provides retirement plan services nationwide to organizations and their employees. For more than 75 years, our proven approach to simplifying retirement saving has helped plan participants build the assets they need to support the life they want. When it comes to retirement services and investments, our experience, expertise and guidance are known and respected throughout the industry… and especially by those who rely on us to help them secure their financial future.

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NAJC Plenary

Moral Injury and Distress:

A Wounded Soul Rabbi Susan Berman Stone

A psychological phenomenon with broad-reaching implications, "Moral Injury” can occur in response to acting or witnessing behaviors that go against one's values and beliefs. Perhaps because of the COVID-19 pandemic, moral injury has, at last, received its due place in conversations about health care workers and soldiers. Beyond the healthcare arena and the military, employees will sometimes find themselves at a distressing moral and spiritual crossroads: anyone in any institutional workplace is vulnerable to moral injury and its painful effects. During this plenary session, leading chaplains from NAJC will unpack this timely but complicated topic for those unfamiliar, explain the concepts that underlie its foundation, and render an understanding of moral injury that is applicable to human service agency professionals as well as healthcare workers. While doing so, the speakers will also introduce you to the work of chaplains, and offer some Jewish insights, interventions, and remedies.

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Trauma, Burnout and Reopening:

How Do We Recover with Intention? with Betsy Stone

Sponsored by Sage Intacct

Dr. Betsy Stone is a retired clinical psychologist who currently teaches as an adjunct lecturer at HUC-JIR. Dr. Stone consults on program development and community building. During the COVID-19 crisis, Betsy led webinars on Trauma, Resilience and Post-Traumatic Growth for congregations, Rabbis, Hillels, the Central Conference of American Rabbis, The Jewish Teen Funders Network, Hebrew Union College and the Jewish Education Project. 

What we've all been through for the past 12 months has been layers of loss, change, trauma and disruption.

Betsy will help attendees navigate through difficult questions including

  • What has it done in our brains, to our bodies?
  • What will happen to us as we begin to return to a life with other people?
  • What have we lost and what do we want to keep?
  • How has 2020/1 diminished our trust in other people and our institutions?
  • How do we recover?

The presentation will conclude with a conversation including NJHSA member agency representatives Al Benarroch, Executive Director of JCFS Winnipeg  and Rabbi Shira Stern, Past President of Neshama.


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Communal Crisis, Emerging Communities, Connecting Resources to those in Need -

Lessons Learned at the Intersection of COVID-19, Crisis Funding

Sponsored by CVS Health

Join Ilana Kaufman, Executive Director and Angel Alvarez-Mapp, Director of Programs and Operations, both of the Jews of Color Initiative. The Initiative will teach participants

  • About the racial diversity of the US Jewish community,
  • The headwinds and tailwinds faced by Jews of Color (and by extension, vulnerable, emerging populations) navigating Jewish social services organizations,
  • Responses to COVID-19, essential interventions required to bring emergency resources to Jews of Color

CVS Health’s comprehensive Workforce Initiatives team enables CVS Health’s purpose of helping people on their path to better health by building non-traditional talent pipelines through the power of partnerships. For over 20 years, this program has helped thousands of people access meaningful employment opportunities.

In 2020, CVS Health announced it will invest nearly $600 million over five years to advance employee, community and public policy initiatives that address inequity faced by the Black community and other disenfranchised communities. The investment follows a commitment from then President and CEO Larry Merlo, to evaluate how the company operates and how it can use its influence to be a force for good in communities across the country.


Leveling Up: Human Service Organizations Thriving in A Turbulent COVID-19 World! with Rob Elkington

Sponsored by Nevvon

Human Service Organizations operate in an increasingly Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous (VUCA) world. This VUCA world is preempted by forces such as Industry 4.0, and Globalization. The Human Services Organization as a Complex Adaptive System is impacted by these VUCA forces and needs to plot a meaningful pathway forward to level-up and thrive within this challenging new context. This one-hour plenary session seeks to expose participants to the antidote to VUCA which is known as “VUCA Prime.” In the plenary participants are exposed to an example of service excellence that reinforces the NJHSA Vision. We then take time to review VUCA within Human Service Organizations. Once this has been accomplished we briefly describe VUCA prime and then we move into breakout groups to discuss show we can cultivate at least one element of VUCA prime within our context.


Nevvon certifies health care workers for the mandatory annual education they earn online. Everything takes place through our simple, intuitive and user-centric app that lets your healthcare workers easily educate themselves at their pace and on their schedule. Our platform simplifies and streamlines your regulatory requirements in any State so you can focus on what matters most: running a successful business.


Voices of Our City Choir

Closing Plenary

Sponsored by CARS On the Go

Seen on America's Got Talent, the Voices of Our City Choir helps San Diego's

unsheltered neighbors reconnect with hope and possibility through the power of music, individualized intensive case management, and advocacy. With over 225 members, rehearsals and programs have become a beacon of light for those who have lost their direction and humanity through homelessness.


CARS’s On the Go Transportation Solutions transforms lives with freedom of transportation – one person at a time. On the Go operates in partnership with Jewish Family Service of San Diego, offering nonprofits around the country with a comprehensive and customizable ride scheduling and delivery platform and call center services. On the Go allows for easy dispatching to staff, volunteer, or Lyft drivers. We offer a high touch solution to meet the needs of anyone with mobility restrictions or limited transportation capabilities.



The Network is pleased to announce the 2021 Annual Conference Awards. NJHSA is the leading voice for Jewish human service organizations - the go-to resource for advocacy, best practices, research & innovation and partnerships & collaborations; strengthening agencies so that they can better serve their communities and the people who need their help. As such we've designed this year's awards around these core values, in addition to recognizing extraordinary member agency professionals and lay leaders during this unprecedented pandemic. 

Watch a video of the Award Winners below.

Extraordinary Leadership Awards in Response



The Network is comprised of an exceptionally strong cadre of dedicated professionals and lay leaders who work tirelessly to improve the lives of others.


The NJHSA Extraordinary Leadership Award is designed to publicize the efforts of one professional and one lay leader who work attentively to address the human service needs of their local community, especially their response to COVID.


Honorees may be CEO's/ED's, professionals or volunteers.


Winners will be announced prior to the Conference. The Conference platform will include brief biographies and photos of the honorees and honorees will receive a beautiful award and recognition at the Thursday presentation. Honorees must attend the Conference to receive the award. 

Pillars of Excellence Awards


The Network strives to be the leading voice for member agencies and the broader Jewish human service sector by serving as the go-to resource for advocacy, best practices, innovation and collaboration. It is these 4 pillars that strengthen member agencies, enabling them to best serve their communities through a wide range of human services.

The Network’s Pillars

Advocacy - Leadership strategy for advancing missions that require taking a public position on a cause or an issue to influence decision making.

Best Practices - Strengthening client service delivery, agency operations or governance with use of evidence based/best practice interventions.

Innovation – A thoughtful and deliberate approach to identifying solutions to challenges.

Collaboration - Building and sustaining meaningful partnerships to advance an agency’s mission.


With its 2021 Awards, NJHSA is seeking sustainable, replicable and creative examples of 1 of the 4 pillars being supported by a member agency. 



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