Thanks for your interest in the implementation of Unstuck & On Target! in Virginia elementary schools. Please see below for our project flyer, along with our fast facts about Unstuck & On Target!

If you're interested in the project, please contact our project staff: Chelsea Armour,, Jessica Smith,, and Laura Campos, We'd love to discuss how this project can fit into district ESSER funds and help your schools as they continue the return to in-person learning!

What is asked of schools who participate?

2021-22 school year:

  • Identify students for the Unstuck group, use the training materials and run a few Unstuck groups (approximately 3-6 students/school staff) sessions.
  • School staff will complete short online surveys regarding training materials; research staff will observe the Unstuck groups.

2022-23 school year: Take a short online survey about on-going use of training materials.

How does Unstuck fit into school intervention programs and benefit schools?

  • Unstuck has helped students with a range of disabilities affecting executive function, including autism, ADHD, anxiety, traumatic brain injury, among others.
  • Unstuck was developed as a Tier 2 intervention that aligns with PBIS but is flexible and has been used as a Tier 1, 2, or 3 intervention.
  •  School staff get continuing education credits for using the Unstuck training.

Why is Unstuck a priority, as districts return to in-person learning?

  • The CDC reports increased mental health problems for children since COVID. Unstuck is a low cost, high benefit tool that will help teachers support students as they readjust to school.
  • Unstuck provides accessible self-regulatory scripts that will help both teachers and students be more calm and positive as they deal with new routines and the transition back to school.
  • Unstuck provides free, engaging videos for parents.

How does Unstuck and On Target! fit into the Virginia Department of Education’s approved guidance for social emotional learning standards?

Elementary_UOT_Slide Deck_PCORI_Page_05.png

Considering children in your classroom who may benefit from Unstuck groups?

Do you have students who have challenges with any of the following:

Accepting feedback and criticism?

Handling Frustration?

Starting something they don't want to do?

Working independently?


Not stopping doing something even after they have been told to stop?

Shutting down when something is challenging?


They'd benefit from UOT!