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The decision to start a business is not one to make lightly. Putting at risk your savings, time away from family and investing the time to get started, are key considerations one must take into account. Fortunately for you, you've found LAEDA. Our line-up of no-cost business education programs is designed for all entrepreneurs pursing the dream of owning a business. Whether you're just starting out working on turning a passion into a business or have an established business and need to develop a business plan to guide the next phase, LAEDA has something for you. Take a minute to review our offerings below, then, pick the course that best matches your situation and register or apply.

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Introduction to Entrepreneurship (January 11, 2024)

LAEDA's Intro to Entrepreneurship is for individuals who are in the idea stage in their entrepreneurial journey. This jam-packed workshop provides a realistic discussion of the entrepreneurship journey and key factors to consider before getting started. Once you know your starting point, you will learn providing practical and doable strategies for getting started. This course is free but registration is required.

Course Includes:

  • Entrepreneurial Personality Assessment
  • Understanding The Journey
  • Are You Really Ready to Be An Entrepreneurs?
  • Assessing Your Starting Point
  • Resources & Strategies to Get Started


Turning Your Hobby Into a Business (Jan - Feb 2024)

LAEDA's Turning Your Hobby Into a Business 6-part series where micro-entrepreneurs who want to transition a product or service based hobby into a business.

Course Units Include:

  • Product Development & the Production Process
  • Understanding the Power of Marketing
  • Sales Channels for the Side Hustle Business
  • Business Administration & Bookkeeping
  • Money, Banking & Credit
  • Vendor Presentations & Business Pitch!

Quick Start Series - (March - April 2024)

LAEDA's Quick Start Series is a 5-part series is designed for the individual who is looking to transition from a successful side-hustle business towards a full-time business as well as for more experienced business owners wishing to learn best practices in operating a business. This course is free but you will need to register.

Course Units Include:

  • ABC's of Starting a Small Business - Learn practical steps on how to start and organize your business legally.
  • Business Planning - Learn how to create a plan of action for your business.
  • Marketing - Learn how to get the word out about your products or services to the right audience.
  • Credit Management - Learn how your credit impacts your business and how to improve your borrower's profile.

Women's Business Academy (Winter 2024) Application Deadline 12/17/23

LAEDA Women's Business Center - Women's Business Academy is a 9-week 75 hour intensive course geared towards experienced women entrepreneurs who want to leverage their industry experience and capital to launch a new business venture. Start-up phase entrepreneurs too, can benefit by learning the best practices in managing and growing to move their business forward in a meaningful way. The class is meets Mondays-Wednesdays and some Thursdays from 6-8:30PM. The course is free but you must qualify.

Course Benefits:

  • Learn from instructors who are experts in their fields
  • Includes online business counselor support
  • Finish the course with a completed business plan
  • Continued support to start and grow your business
  • Qualify to apply for capital programs and competitions

Course Includes:

* Business Planning * Business Law * Insurance

* Accounting * Real Estate * Marketing *

* Negotiation * Personnel * Credit Management *

* Money & Banking * And much more!

Course schedules are being finalized. By completing the registration form you reserve your seat in an upcoming session of the course.

*Interested in the Entrepreneurial Development Training Program (EDTP)? To be accepted to EDTP, an application and interview process must be completed.

Complete the application form to get the process started.

Don't See Something You Like?

Visit our calendar of events page! LAEDA hosts single unit seminars and workshops on trending topics on running and growing a business.

Topics include:

  • Marketing & Promotion
  • Human Resources & Management
  • Small Business Finance & Access to Capital
  • Accounting & Taxes
  • Business Planning

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