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Stress Free Meal Prep - Recorded Webinar

Do you dream of making your life easier and saving money by meal-prepping but have no idea where to start? Our registered dietitian Briana Butler MCN, RDN, LD, talks about meal prepping basics - made easy for any level of cooking experience and any type of schedule.

Meal Prep with Stef - Blog

We are talking all things meal prep and tips you need to know! Lock-In for the next 10 min for a quick how-to on preparing your meal prep. Yes you do, I promise! Meal prep can seen overwhelming at times and I want to make sure we can help ease the pain.


"We are above and beyond excited about the thought of having you as a part of our family! Our passion is to serve and transform lives, and we wholeheartedly believe that we can do that! Join us to celebrate the opportunity to start fresh and make lasting change through our various programs and meal prep.

Cheers to you!”