Build Credibility for

Persuasive Impact

These question prompts help you reflect on how people perceive you and consider what actions you might be able to take to improve your credibility.

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Increase your ability to wield influence

You don't need to be a team leader or be in a senior position to have influence. Our power to influence others comes from our perceived credibility.

However, a common misconception is that our credibility comes from a function of our positions or affiliations. That's simply not true. Our credibility is a virtue we earn and preserve over time.

This worksheet will help you understand the variables that impact your perceived credibility, and identify the areas you might want to work on.

  • Review some of the variables that influence perceived credibility
  • Identify your strengths and potential areas of improvement
  • Develop actions you can take at work to strengthen your credibility and increase your influence.

Who We Are

Informed Opinions is a respected, national nonprofit with more than a decade of experience helping women and gender diverse individuals recognize and navigate systemic barriers that hinder their ability to speak up and exert influence.

Our workshops have motivated and trained thousands of talented workers, many of them in male-dominated industries, to overcome obstacles and share their valuable opinions.

100% of the participants who attended our "Increase your Ability to Persuade" workshop

said it helped them wield influence in their professional life.

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