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808 Machine Vst (Win & Mac) Demo Version

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Virtual Studio Technology (VST) is an audio plug-in software that integrates software synthesizer and effects in Digital Audio Workstations. VSTs use digital signal processing to replicate traditional recording studio hardware in software. 808 Machine is a VST Instrument plugin that features bass sounds designed by Top Producers, a suite of controls including EQ, Compression, and it's own built in Sequencer. These tools allow you to tweak every preset sound to your own taste, and cut down on the CPU use generated by traditional FX in your effects rack.


If you hold the shift key on your keyboard while clicking on a knob you’ll be able to type in a specific value. You can move the knobs on the interface more precisely by holding down the control key on your keyboard at the same time. Double clicking a knob will reset it to its default value. Clicking the Settings button will show more information about 808 Machine VST. Clicking the Studio Trap Sounds or Pyrit Music Logos will open a web browser window showing the Studio Trap Sounds or Pyrit Music websites.

808 Machine is compatible with Windows10 including MacOS and Catalina

Windows Download (Demo Version)

Mac Download (Demo Version)

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This is a fast compressor you can add right to your sound to tame it or give it special sauce. 


Velocity Curve

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Parametric EQ

A Parametric EQ with addable bands and an audio spectrum displayed in the background. Click any where to add a new frequency band which can be drug up or down on the spectrum. Right click any added point for additional curve types. Right click empty space to delete all bands, or to disable the audio spectrum.


Gain Knob

The Gain knob adjusts the balance of the instrument you're playing. The presets that come with 808 Machine have been volume calibrated against reference recordings but this calibration may not necessarily fit with the audio you will feed into the plugin. The gain knob allows you to adjust the output volume to suit your specific needs.


Secret Slap Sauce

This special blend of TOP SECRET effects that will season your 808 to perfection. TRY IT


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