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Need A Report? SNO Has A Report To Fit Your Need!

Fantastic Reports…..At Your Fingertips

As a professional in the healthcare and food service industries, a key part of your job's success depends on accurate reporting. With Simplified Nutrition Online (SNO), you will have the report you need, when you need it. Whether it is a significant weight change report, comprehensive diet order information, a menu extension spreadsheet or menu costing information —our goal is to ensure your staff can print the reports they need, when they need them.


Corporate Controls and Benefits

SNO enables Corporate and regional level users to have access to facility sites both individually and regionally to perform a variety of audits for enhanced accountability, add and edit user accounts to ensure HIPAA compliance, maintain food costs, control through purchasing and budget analytics, and print reports to perform clinical metrics monitoring.

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Resident Specific Reports

Caring for a resident population includes the management and tracking of hundreds of resident specific details. Data management and reporting is what SNO does best. With SNO you can easily monitor and identify significant weight changes occurring within one week or up to one year. SNO has a report for every resident list you require including Residents on Tube Feeding, Fortified Foods, Thickened Liquids, and Fluid Restrictions. SNO can print resident specific menus that are updated for the residents’ specific allergies, dislikes, special requests, portion size changes, Drug-Nutrient Interactions, and also print a comprehensive nutrient analysis of this menu.


Food Production and Menu Reports

SNO takes all the guesswork out of meal preparation and service with our detailed food service operations, recipes, and menu reports. Scheduled menus are processed through each residen'ts profile and the resulting Production report gives an exact census tally for each recipe and accounts for every special request, every portion size change, every dislike and allergy, etc. On a large scale, SNO’s reports take you from Inventory to purchasing, to production, temperature recording, traycards, menu reports and beyond. Our ‘Recipe Yield’ report is linked to production and automatically scales each recipe to the exact number of portions needed. The combination of ‘scaled recipes,’ auto-generated ‘Order Guide,’ ‘vendor pack sizing,’ and other production reports eliminate costly food waste.


Reports for State Compliance Readiness

SNO’s reports assist your facility with state-survey readiness. The ‘Menu Extensions Quick Reference Guide’ is a critical report used by staff as a reference tool for consistency and restriction breakdowns for each meal. All recipe reports include methods with HACCP guidelines. Production reports can include a temperature record for the start and end of meal service. The ‘Diet Lis’t report includes all critical diet order information for all residents and ‘Traycards’ include each resident's custom menu along with information including allergies, photo, meal intake, thickened liquids, fluid restriction, and a fortified foods flag. These are just to name a few of the many reports we offer to assist your facility for state-survey compliance!


Summary on Reports

From its inception, Simplified Nutrition Online has focused on dietary management processes and the data management associated with these processes. Putting this complex data together in a meaningful way is reporting, and SNO has a report to meet your every need.

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