We are delighted to share the highlights of our journey at Acuity over the past year. At the close of the 22/23 fiscal year, our company experienced an exceptional growth of over 160% in revenue, setting the stage for continued success in 23/24. This remarkable achievement is a testament to the dedication and expertise of the incredible team at Acuity, as well as our fruitful partnerships, new relationships, and our involvement in hosting and sponsoring a series of events. We express our heartfelt gratitude for being an integral part of the California government community.

IT Consulting Services:

Acuity, founded on the pillar of IT consulting services, proudly reports the robust performance of this sector in 2023. We successfully renewed our Tier 3 IT MSA (for projects up to 5 million) for an additional 5 years, with an optional 2-year extension. Complementing this, our IT consulting CMAS and Non-IT consulting CMAS are thriving. Noteworthy achievements include our IV&V Team's continued success at DMV for the DxP project, securing another significant IT Consulting project at EDD, and the successful completion of several projects, including the Senior Server Engineers project for DHCS and the Project Portfolio project at CDT. Anticipating further growth, we plan to expand our staff on the IT consulting side in 2024.

IT Goods Division:

Our newer IT Goods division at Acuity experienced a prosperous 2023. We now hold over 20 product CMAS contracts and 7 SLPs. Collaborations with manufacturers have strengthened our position to offer optimal solutions to the State of California. At Acuity, we prioritize swift and accurate quoting for your specific needs, acknowledging the importance of being both a reliable provider and a trusted advisor. Customer service and responsiveness are paramount to our team, and we proudly embrace the diversity of requests, no matter how quirky. We've added several partners to our portfolio and expanded our presence on 4 new SLP contracts this year, in addition to our existing contracts.

Community Engagement: Acuity actively participated in various community events throughout the year, including Shift Left with Dynatrace, Red Hat, and GitLab, Invicti’s End of Fiscal Year Kickback, Ctrl+Alt+Drink following the Digital Innovation Summit, Hoppy Transfers with Kiteworks, DevOps on the Rocks with Docker and GitLab, and sponsorship of the TechCA Emerging Technologies Forum. We are honored to be recognized as a 'go-to' certified small business and look forward to the opportunities and collaborations that the coming year will bring.

We extend our sincere thanks to all our partners and clients for choosing to work with us. Here's to the achievements of 2023 and the exciting journey ahead! Cheers!