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What: 15 minute Prayer Call

When: book a time here

Where: via phone


Sometimes even when we are smart and well-resourced people, we forget that we are supported in ways we can't even imagine by a God who is the creator of the entire universe.

This free prayer call is a private 1:1 experience with Alison.

At the beginning of this phone call, you will be asked to share what you would like prayer for during our time together. I may ask some additional questions and then we will move into prayer.

There is no cost.

There will be no pitch.

Just calling in the power of God.

Take a step of faith forward.

When: June 7 at 9:00am-4:30pm MST

Where: Primrose Studio at Reservoir Ridge Natural Area 4300 Michaud Ln, Fort Collins, CO

Are you a mission-driven leader and are faced with having to make a decision or navigate a change that feels uncomfortable, important, and impactful?

Or maybe you are on solid ground right now but are wanting to learn ways to better navigate future changes.

Consider attending this one-day retreat experience in Fort Collins, CO on June 7th.

Navigating changes in business, life or relationships creates uncertainties in the midst of the change. In the face of these uncertainties we can begin more here

Contact Alison Proffit at [email protected] with any questions or

to explore booking her for a speaking or training session for your team or organization.

Who is Alison Proffit?

Alison Proffit founded her business, Proffit Coach with the philosophy that JOY is the Best Business Strategy™. She helps mission-driven leaders who are navigating changes in their business, life, or relationships feel confidence, joy and peace in the face of the uncertainties that the change is bringing on. Working as a supportive mentor, coach, and consultant she co-creates plans with clients in a way that integrates their faith, values, and natural strengths into what they do and how they do it. 

Her approach is informed by over 2 decades of work in Human Resources, Coaching, Sales, Marketing, and Operations in many different industries. Those who know Alison, can attest that in the face of multiple major life changes in a very condensed time frame, she has cultivated a unique approach to transitions. She will often include powerful intercessory prayer in sessions and guides people to find solace in the stillness so they can hear what God is whispering to them about the path to fulfilling their purpose during seasons of change.

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