1.     What does your role for Acuity Technical Solutions entail?

I provide sales support in any way I can. I often provide quotes on products to our government customers. I am also Acuity’s lead purchaser and work with both accounts receivable and accounts payable.


2.     What’s your favorite part about your position?

I enjoy having oversight of the entire purchasing process—I see it all, from start to finish! It is satisfying to feel like I am helping the State of California increase their efficiency by providing departments with necessary products.


3.     What’s your favorite part of working with the California public sector?

The best part about working for California’s public sector is getting to know the people that work there. As a resident of California, it makes me feel so much more connected with the state and our government.


4.     How is this role different from positions you’ve worked for in the past?

This is the first position I have had that I am able to work from home. The real game changer for me has been creating relationships over email rather than face-to-face. I have found creative ways to incorporate my bubbly, but professional, personality over a screen. These kinds of interactions have been a whole new ball game, but the transition has grown on me over time. 


5.     What was your favorite moment in 2022?

My favorite moment from 2022 was finding out how much our small business has grown since 2021. We grew an incredible 158% in sales revenue year over year which is truly amazing. It was such a perfect springboard into the New Year! It was awesome to see all the new departments that we were able to assist, and to see massive growth in our sales, vendor connections, capabilities, and more.


6.     What are you most looking forward to in 2023?

I am looking forward to more growth. I would like to break into new departments and meet their needs, as well as see another year of massive sales growth.


7.     If you were an animal, which would you be and why?

 I’d like to think that I am some super cool and exotic animal, like a tiger or a panda, but I am probably more like a dog. I am exceedingly social and love to be around others.