Spine Intellegence

My name is Boonsita Tangsopon. I was inspired to be in medicine from caring for my convalescent grandparents. From that point, I knew I wanted to help others.

With my BS in Thailand in Physical Therapy along with Masters and PhD in Acupuncture and Chinese medicine, I have been treating neck, shoulder, low back pain, emotional, and stress related conditions. I use traditional acupuncture protocol by checking tongue and pulse first to see what the root causes are from then using meridian acupuncture points to treat those symptoms. I use a variety treatment modalities beside acupuncture as needed: acupressure, massage, cupping, electrical stimulation along with the use of Chinese Herbal Medicine.

The following case study shows how my treatment can work.

Case study: patient came due to headaches and lack of improvement with a previous treatments.

My treatment started with checking tongue and pulse and along with determining the neck shoulders very tight. Took patient history which indicated she might be having headaches from imbalance of hormones. Used the application of meridian acupuncture points to treat symptoms. I prescribed Chinese medicine for her along with acupuncture to balance her gynecological condition. After the second treatment she said her headache was 60% gone. I also did cupping, stretching, corrected her posture, and taught her some neck and shoulder exercises. After the 5th treatment along with taking the Chinese herbs her headache was completely gone.

Behind a person's pain there are many things can be related to such as stress, hormonal disorder or gastrointestinal issues which both my treatment protocol can help.