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The Quarter Turn - Swagelok Western NY Customer Newsletter

March 2023

Pete Jobling: Customer Satisfaction Survey Report

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Late last year we conducted a Customer Satisfaction Survey and I wanted to share some reflections with you, our customers, on what we learned.

Swagelok continues to be driven by 6 core values established by our founder, with two of those being Customer Focus and Continuous Improvement. We take your feedback from these surveys very seriously and the overall findings were shared with our Sales and Internal teams to enable us to:

  • Promptly address specific action items - 

- Our sales team has been meeting with customers who asked to learn more about a service offering or communicated a service issue they experienced. For example, our Buffalo office manager, Josh Ozug, joined one of our sales associates on a visit to a customer who expressed some concerns about product availability. The meeting helped Josh to better understand the customer’s concerns, directly address them and explain what positive measures had already been implemented.

  • Implement any necessary process improvements -

- Not surprisingly, product availability and lead times were top of mind for many respondents. We understand the importance of avoiding down time, thus we have always followed Swagelok’s proactive stocking strategy such as forecasting and placing tubing orders 12 months out. But, following our practice of Continuous Improvement, we are looking for ways to improve availability.

We are now forecasting tubing needs 18 months out and actively placing orders. Last Monday we received 8 cases of stainless-steel tubing from orders placed months ago.

To increase order picking efficiencies for our shipping team, we are now stocking our most commonly ordered tubing on a new rack placed closest to our loading dock. In addition, we purchased 2 large, mobile tube staging units and moved our Scotsman cold saw from the assembly area to the tubing storage area (you can see our progress in the below message regarding facility tours).

We expect these changes to improve product availability and lead times.

  • Personally Recognize associates who were specifically identified for providing a Differentiated Customer Experience -

- There were numerous comments acknowledging individual SWNY associates for going above and beyond for customers. All comments were shared across the organization. We greatly appreciate those who took the time to provide these comments as our team takes great pride in providing a Differentiated Customer Experience and such acknowledgement goes a long way.

Net Promoter Score = 85

We are again proud and humbled to have received a Net Promoter Score of 85 - based upon the scores provided for the question, ‘how likely are you to recommend Swagelok WNY’ (a score of 70 is considered exceptional across all industries).

Swagelok WNY has improved this customer rating from an 82 two years ago, which hopefully indicates our focus on customer satisfaction is working out…and, we will keep at it!

Additional Findings

  • Customer Service, Swagelok’s Products, Response Time and Knowledge of Associates were the reasons cited most often in providing the above NPS score.
  • Product Quality and Availability tied for most important to respondents. This speaks to Swagelok’s commitment to quality and the strength of its proactive stocking strategy.
  • Increased demand for trainings – There were numerous requests for tube bending, valve selection, fitting installation, and orbital weld training.....good news, we can help with all of these! This is probably the result of the increasing amount of new hires companies are adding as well as a desire for training refreshers for existing teams.
  • Product and Service awareness – From some customer comments it appears you would like more communication on new products and service offerings. So… we’ve created a new interactive line card that provides an ‘at-a-glance’ view of our complete offering of Products, Services and Solutions.

Charitable Donation

Lastly, a thank you goes out to those who participated in the survey. Swagelok WNY donated $10 per completed survey to the below organizations so you all played a part in helping our communities.

  • Red Cross
  • Salvation Army
  • United Way

Thank you for your business.....


Pete Jobling

President – Swagelok Western NY

[email protected]

Jeff Namy: "What problem can we solve today?"

Jeff Namy.jpg

A couple interesting statistics that stood out to me from our Customer Satisfaction Survey - 

1.   The number of respondents not aware of our assembly and on-site services:

·        23% of respondents were not aware SWNY built custom fabrications and assemblies

·        37% of respondents were not aware SWNY provided on-site services

2.   The number of customers interested in learning about our solutions:

·        42% of respondents are interested in learning more about at least 1 of our fabrication solutions

·        70% of respondents are interested in learning more about at least 1 of our on-site services

Our business and our solution offerings are always evolving so it’s likely some customers don’t realize everything we offer in addition to Swagelok products. I see this as an opportunity for us to strengthen the external communication regarding all the solutions available to help improve our customers' fluid systems.

I’m excited to see the number of respondents who are interested in hearing more about our assembly and on-site service capabilities. Over the past year plus we have made significant investments in our fabrication tools and our field engineering team to provide our customers with a greater array of fluid system solutions. With this expertise we can confidently ask customers, “What problem can I solve today?”

If your sales representative has not yet reached out to you, or if you have additional questions about anything, feel free to email me at [email protected].

Of course, you can always find out more about our complete portfolio of products and solutions at


Jeff Namy

Vice President, Sales & Marketing

[email protected]

Swagelok Gas Distribution Program

Upcoming webinar March 21: "Controlling Costs & Prioritizing Safety in Industrial Gas Systems"

Jeff DeWitt, Swagelok Applications Engineer, will discuss the essential elements of a gas distribution system along with many other topics.

Register here

Overlooked gas distribution system issues can result not only in loss of gases, but

also in lost process efficiency, downtime, or safety hazards. When system operation is not intuitive, when leaks are a concern, or when your gas panels are difficult to service, it is time to take action to avoid compounding costs.

Swagelok gas distribution program services are designed to help you:

  • Ensure the safety and well-being of system operators and all team members
  • Increase uptime and improve process accuracy and repeatability
  • Reduce costs by avoiding leakage and unplanned maintenance
  • Focus your time and resources where they are needed most

Learn more about the various modular gas distribution subsystems we can configure specifically for your system.

What does working with Swagelok Custom Solutions mean to your business?

Think of us as your own local strategic resource.

Whether you need an extra set of hands or are tackling a highly complex project, we’ll remove the stress on your team and deliver a fully tested, leak-tight, ready-for-installation assembly.


With an experienced team of engineers and Swagelok-certified technicians, our fabrication and assembly services help customers:

  • Streamline processes
  • Remove variable labor costs
  • Decrease waste and rework
  • Improve safety


We approach the process with flexibility and precision - from initial concept, through P&ID, to a plug and play solution backed by Swagelok’s Limited Lifetime Warranty - Swagelok WNY is with you every step of the way.


We continue to invest in new tools and resources to expand our capabilities and improve efficiencies. In the past year we’ve installed an argon purge system, purchased a Scotsman circular cold saw, added Siegmund System workstations and digital inspection cameras.

A comprehensive description of our capabilities can be found on our web site, but here is just a sampling:

  • Orbital Welding
  • Tube Bending and Coiling
  • Panel Assemblies & Enclosures
  • Automated Ball Valves
  • Sub-Assemblies

If you have an idea or a challenge, bring it to us. It's likely we've already solved it.

We Are Open for Tours!

If you’d like to see the investments we’ve made in our assembly area and take the opportunity to meet the team, we welcome you in for a tour of our Rochester facility.


We’ll provide tube cutting, bending, and orbital weld demonstrations, or other specific requests, while you’re on- site. You’ll come away with a much better understanding of the capabilities and skill level of our assembly team. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to see what 3,500 part numbers and 40 miles of tubing look like on our shelves!


Contact your local sales representative to arrange a tour for you and your team.

Enhance Your Fluid System Knowledge Through Swagelok Webinars

Keep your fluid system design, operation, and maintenance skills up to date by attending a live Swagelok educational webinar or watching one of the many available on-demand webinars, at your convenience, on our YouTube channel (see accompanying image).

Swagelok subject-matter experts regularly help industrial professionals around the world better understand everything from how to select fluid system components to how to account for demands of specific industries and applications when building reliable systems.


For those interested in learning more about gas distribution systems, Hydrocarbon Processing magazine will be hosting a live webinar: Controlling Costs and Prioritizing Safety in Industrial Gas Systems.

Jeff DeWitt, Swagelok Applications Engineer, will discuss the essential elements of a gas distribution system along with many other topics.

You can register here.

Essential (in-person) Training in Fluid System Fundamentals

Over the past 6+ months we've seen increased demand for in-person training as companies are onboarding new hires while also taking the opportunity to provide a skills refresher for existing teams.

The Swagelok Essentials training courses were developed to provide critical skills for developing, building, and maintaining dependable fluid systems.

These courses are perfect for newer employees as they provide the foundational knowledge and techniques needed to build and operate high-performing fluid systems. We use a hands-on concept that enables students to learn the same way they solve problems on the job, by helping one another and sharing ideas.

Our certified trainers can teach these courses at locations and times convenient for your teams.

This short video below provides an overview of what you can expect during these courses and the value you will take away. 

Stay informed with the latest product updates, webinars and technical videos from Swagelok Western by following us on LinkedIn and YouTube. Click the below icons to subscribe.

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