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Registration Information

The first ten churches to register will be accepted, after that, churches will go on a waiting list and will be notified if space opens up, so get your registration in early. Any number of people may attend from each church. Click here to register. Christen will have one-on-one office hours available to all participating churches during the weeks of the workshop. If you have questions, contact Julie Price at 501-626-6477 or at julietannerprice@gmail.com.

Testamonials For The Hybrid Church Workshop

"Our church absolutely enjoyed taking the course with Christen. The ways she shares information is easy to understand and contains examples and experiences that help to see the concepts at work. She helps churches understand where they are and recognize where they want to be, when it comes to physical and virtual spaces. She has opened our eyes to so much, and has given us tools to move in a good direction. We are so appreciative of her thoughtfulness, passion, and skills in this area." - Dane Martin, Ardmore Baptist Church of Winston Salem, NC


"With all of the changes that the pandemic introduced and with no prior experience doing "hybrid" church, this class was extremely helpful. AND, it wasn't just getting worship online, but how to "THINK" about being a new kind of church for the future. I'm very appreciative for the instruction and support." - Rev. Michael Blackwood, United Church of Broomfield Broomfield, CO

"How to be a Hybrid Church gave me ways to look at being church in different ways. I was able to view what we do from different angles and start implementing ideas immediately." - Lance Mayes, Woodland Baptist Church of San Antonio, TX

"Christen is an excellent communicator who helps makes complicated topics clear and actionable." - Rev. Cheryl Raine, First Presbyterian Church of Redlands, CA

About Our Presenter

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Christen Kinard has spent a decade as a professional in communications and marketing. She has helped businesses and organizations as diverse as high-end retail stores and independent schools develop and implement efficient and impactful communications strategies including public relations outreach and rebranding. Digital Congregations sits at the intersection of her desire to contribute in a meaningful way, her belief in the importance of faith communities, and her talents and experience.

She has an MA in Peace and Conflict Resolution from Norwich University and a BA in International Relations and French Literature from the University of South Carolina.