What's happening?

There's a LOT happening at Academic Ascent right now!

The second semester is well underway and we're in the sweet spot for us educators - where we get a few weeks without major holiday interruption and usually can gain some pretty good traction before the spring breaks. I know, I say it all the time, but learning really IS all about momentum. Yes, breaks are also critical, but solid effort during stretches like the one we're in now can pay huge dividends later in the year. Think of it like taking a road trip. Parents famously argue that frequent or extended breaks at rest areas along the route only make the ride longer. It's the same when it comes to learning, and our 'runners' now have a good stretch of calendar to get up some speed. This creates an ideal opportunity to learn material in a deeper way and better equip and prepare their brains to absorb and understand more complicated concepts.

We're getting really psyched for the release of our new Study Skills + Organization course called Academic Ascent Essentials. This new program is all about creating good, strong study habits that will stick. One of the most frequent inquiries we receive here at Academic Ascent is about helping kids with organization, effectively track assignments, manage time and learn to study. These skills are the foundation on which all other learning occurs and are critical! Academic Ascent Essentials is ideal for students who are either starting from square one or for kids who need a revamp of their current study structures. More info to come soon!

Welcome Erika! This month we are super pumped to officially welcome Erika Wismann from Santa Cruz, California to our team of academic coaches! Besides just being an all-around awesome and warm person, Erika brings a wealth of classroom and homeschool teaching experience to Academic Ascent. Erika will be working primarily with elementary and middle school students and promises to deliver the same trustworthy educational support you've come to expect from us. Learn more about Erika on our website

With Erika coming on board we finally have some additional time slots up for grabs on our schedule.

If you can use extra academic support this semester, give us a ring or a text and we'll let you know what we have open.

And if you refer us a client, we'll reward you with some free sessions. Now how can you beat that?!

Thank you as always for your trust, and let's make it a great 2023 ahead!

chief educational officer

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