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Classical Five Element


Classical Five Element Acupuncture is

a very special and deeply effective approach to health. The techniques and approaches of Five Element treatment are somewhat different than for Traditional Acupuncture. It is not focused primarily on problematic symptoms, but on your whole-being--physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Treatments are designed uniquely for each client at each visit.

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Insight Acupressure

(Formerly Soul Lightening Acupressure)

Insight Acupressure (formerly known as Soul Lightening Acupressure) is a gentle, transformational form of bodywork that integrates body, mind and soul. It is derived from traditional acupressure which uses touch on specific acupoints to release and rebalance the way energy flows through the body. Specific point combinations are chosen to support you at a fundamental level to consciously realign with your inner soul wisdom and health. Acupressure is given on a comfortable massage table, fully clothed.

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Shiatsu, Asian Bodywork and Therapeutic Massage

Shiatsu and Asian Bodywork therapy are offered as needed, in my treatment planning. These techniques include meridian massage/tuina, gentle assisted stretching, cupping, guasha, moxibustion and more.  Occasionally a full-body therapeutic Swedish Massage is offered, but more often, it is incorporated as an adjunct therapy during an acupuncture or acupressure session to address specific musculo-skeletal and fascial releases.

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