The Time is Now to FixUS

Recent events at the Capitol have shaken us to our core and caused great concern about the state of our country and where we can possibly go from here.

If we are to succeed as a nation, we must find a path forward together.

We will have to seriously reflect on how we got to this point and address the causes that are allowing anger, resentment and mistruths to pull us further and further apart. If we do not use this moment to change course, and get at the roots of how we got here, then no – this will not be when we hit bottom, and worse may be yet to come.

If we are going to change course, this is the moment to do it.

Doing so will first require that all Americans condemn in the strongest terms the actions by those in power that led to recent events and the perpetrators that carried them out. Accountability must be had if we are to restore faith and trust in the system. 

We must hold those in power to live up to the words they've shared in the aftermath.

There have been many sentiments shared by those in Congress and the media regarding the need to come together and work toward the common good. But we've heard that all before after other tragic moments, only to revert to a vicious cycle of division and dysfunction that is the hallmark of our politics.

Finally, we must engage as citizens.

We cannot sit on the sidelines. Meaningful and lasting change will not come from Washington, but when a critical mass of us changes how we engage with each other, within our communities, and in service to our nation to help chart a better path. 

If not now, when?