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Since 1896:

Family Services has been providing needed services to our Dayton Community. We have never faltered from our mission of strengthing families and communities through counseling, education, community building, and advocacy. 

As a true non-profit for the past 125 years, we often need extra support from the community. Your contribution of any capacity helps keep our doors open and provide all the services we do!

Check out our website and learn all that we do! Family Services Website

Amazing Ways to Help!!

  • $1,000 will help provide 10 hours of domestic violence intervention, counseling and support for a family in crisis.  

  • $500 will help a teenage father attend a parenting program where he will learn the positive impact that taking responsibility holds for his child’s future. 

  • $250 will help our Community Services for the Deaf program provide interpreting, counseling and advocacy for Deaf individuals, thereby removing feelings of isolation. 

  • $100 will help provide an hour of professional family counseling services to a young parent struggling to care for her children and her aging mother with Alzheimer’s. 

  • $50 will facilitate neighborhood leadership training, giving residents the tools to implement self-devised plans that create healthy and safe communities
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Our WishList helps support Family Services, Womanline, and Community Services for the Deaf (CSD) both clients and staff!

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Follow the link to learn how to change your charitable organization.  

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Follow the link to learn how to change your charitable organization.  

Kroger Rewards Look for Family Services with our address- 2211 Arbor Blvd.