The Artist for Alzheimer's event and fundraiser was a 20-day event that was very successful in terms of fun, donations, active participants, a positive atmosphere, and new followers gained by the presenters.

After the event ended, I asked members to complete a survey and the responses were almost all the same...they loved it, they loved the presenters, loved the variety, and didn't want it to end.

I decided to transition the Alzheimer's group into The Art & Craft Showcase as a recurring monthly event. Collectively, our presenters gained around 1,000 new followers on their pages! I am excited to help others grow their following and gain additional skills, knowledge, and encouragement through this monthly collaboration event.

I called it a showcase because that's exactly what it does. It allows you and your business to be showcased.

I run ads, create graphics for you to share, and it puts you in front of a very targeted group of people who are specifically searching for ART and CRAFT tutorials! With our activity and great content, the group will continue to grow, and our businesses will grow!

Our goal is to become the GO-TO group and the GO-TO businesses for the best art & crafts!

My goal is to have one artist or crafter present their design Mondays - Fridays and leave Saturdays open for offering specials (if you sell something) and Sundays will always be an off day for rest. We will have special events like ATC exchanges, back to school, fall, and Christmas events to make it more fun. Anytime we are short or someone cancels, you will have an opportunity to fill in!

For those chosen, I ask that you please be a part of a special accountability group, just for us, where I will share my tips on growing a business and upping your game. I'll update you on what's currently working & what's not, new social media ideas, brainstorming sessions, etc. I would love to have people who show up and participate. While it is optional, I prefer presenters who are excited to make this a priority. Without dedication and education, we can not improve.

The cost to be a presenter is $27 a month. Because this is more than a fun collaboration, it is a growth strategy along with fellow like-minded creatives, it is a monthly event meant for serious business owners committed to long-term growth.

You can not sustain long-term growth by presenting in a group once or twice. Please do not apply if you are not ready for this step yet. To be chosen and leave after one or two months is letting down the entire team. (consider it like a football team working for the playoffs!)

We will be highlighting each of the presenters and you will be learning and reinforcing skills in our presenter group. The audience will get used to you, watch you, and you will find "your people". In time, they will follow you on your page, share your videos, and become lifelong fans!

If you understand this philosophy and feel it's perfect for what you're wanting to do, please fill out the presenter application here ASAP! Completing the application is the initial step. You will be contacted by email with more details if chosen. Thank you for your interest! I'm really excited about what's happening and would love to have you with us!

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