Free Body Release Series

With Bonnie Machuca

Ready to feel healthier, more energized, and balanced?

This FREE body release series will help you 

  • Increase your joint mobility
  • Decrease neck, shoulder, low back, and hip pain
  • Give you a sense of release in your body and control in your life
  • Gift you instant relief in a little amount of time


What's Included


Release Your Neck & Shoulders

Dust your foam roller off and relieve those tight shoulders and neck.


Release your Hips

Spend 10 minutes giving your hips the best self massage ever.


Release your Feet

Grab your tennis ball or massage ball and put it to good use!

What People are Saying:

"Bonnie Machuca without my work with you, I would be an uncomfortable, sedentary old lady & probably grouchy to boot.

But because of our work together I can still bounce around, take walks, ride my recumbent bike and do more Pilates with you." 

"Thank you SO much."

Lynn Greenberg

"Each and every one of your classes is a gift! Even my husband who isn't into exercise joins me some of the time and loves your classes:) Your warm presence, down to Earth humor, and perfectly designed classes have really been a life-saver during the pandemic, and even though I always thought you had the best classes ever, now they are at an even new level in my imaginary rating system, and my body and mind are thankful:)"

Hannah Acevedo

"I feel like I’m 6 inches taller!"

Carla Picchi

"I honestly think that your classes are the only thing that calms me sometimes. I feel like exercise relieves so much stress!"

Barbra Barmettler

Hello & Welcome!

My name is Bonnie Machuca. Creator and founder of the "Body Recharge for Busy Moms," and owner of PrecisionPoint Pilates in Oakland, CA. My mission is to help you in your well-being and self care journey. You may have stumbled across my page to find answers on how you can re-invigorate your body and mind. You have come to the right place! please try my FREE videos below and feel better immediately!

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