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Animal Pain Awareness Month

Animals can be very good at hiding pain - and there can be nothing more upsetting for a pet parent to know that your four-legged friend may be hurting. But how can you know, and what can you do about it? Read on to find out, and if and how your pet's diet can help!

Just remember, your pet's diet is not a substitution for a vet visit. If your pet isn't eating or drinking, has sudden weight loss, labored breathing, or other serious symptoms, contact your vet immediately.

Symptoms of a Bad Diet

Have you ever improved your diet and felt better afterwards? Maybe more energized, more awake, happier, or relief from indigestion? The same thing can be true for your pets! While a good diet cannot help all symptoms, there are some that it definitely can, such as:

dog eating.png
  • Itchy skin & dandruff
  • Indigestion
  • Inconsistent Bowel Movements & Flatulence
  • Fur Loss & Shedding
  • Joint Pain
  • Obesity
  • Increased Allergies
  • Frequent Infections

What Can a Bad Diet Lead To?

A bad diet can have negative consequences for your pet's health and cause them to be in pain - just like us! Some of these consequences can include:

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  • Congestive heart failure - Excessive salt in the diet can severely increase your pet's chances of developing or exacerbating congestive heart failure.
  • Growth disorders - Animals who receive too much or too little calcium during their formative stages may develop abnormal rates of bone growth and joint disease.
  • Kidney disease - Kidney disease can be exacerbated by a number of nutritional imbalances, including excessive amounts of sodium, potassium, or phosphorus, as well as dehydration.
  • Obesity - Obesity can be caused by either eating too much overall or by eating food that is improperly balanced for your dog’s circumstances (e.g. too high in fats and carbohydrates and too low in protein).
  • Pancreatitis - Characterized by an inflamed pancreas, this condition is often triggered by excessive fats in the diet.

There's no reason that your pet should suffer from the consequences of a bad diet. Pet Wants was founded for EXACTLY this reason!

Unlike other mysterious illnesses or problems your furry companions may have or acquire that require expensive vet visits or tricky trial-and-error to give them relief, correcting their diet is an easy no-brainer and the payoff is huge.

What a Pet Wants Diet Can Do For Your Pet

Our food is the best you can give your pet - period. Why? We include only the highest-quality, consciously-sourced, and most beneficial ingredients your pet needs to be healthy. Pet Wants is a complete and balanced meal in a bowl, designed to give your pet the ultimate gift of a happy, healthy life. The only ingredient missing is your love!

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Oh, and did we mention that none of our foods contain wheat, soy, corn, added sugar, artificial colors, or animal-by-products?

Because they don’t. EVER.

These and other non-nutritional filler ingredients do nothing for your pet's health, and can even have negative effects such as indigestion and allergies. Our food contains only the nutrients your pet needs, and nothing that would not benefit them. This lends to less feeding, and happier pets!


Discover the Best in Pet Nutrition

We take nutrition science seriously, and we're proud to say why our food is the best. Find out exactly what makes some of our best-selling recipes so great!

All our food is FRESH, and we mean it - it's cooked monthly in small batches, and makes its way from our kitchen to your pet's bowl in as early as 30 days. All of our recipes are completely nutritionally balanced and designed to meet or exceed the nutritional levels established by the Association of Feed Control (AAFCO) nutrient profiles for “All Life Stages.”

Whitefish Meal & Duck Meal Recipe Grain-Free Food

For Dogs | All Life Stages

border collie.png

Your dog will be living the high life with our Whitefish & Duck Grain Free recipe. Not only that, since this is our lowest carb dog food, it is great for dogs who need to build or maintain lean muscle mass. So if you are looking for a formula that may help your dog lose weight or stave off obesity – this is it. Moreover, whitefish is low in sodium and duck is low in saturated fats, adding additional benefits for dogs who may have diet related health concerns.

Key Benefits

  • Rich in Omega-3s which promotes healthy digestion, soft itch-free skin, and a shiny healthy coat.
  • Low in sodium and saturated fats
  • Hypoallergenic and great for dogs with food sensitivities
  • Our lowest-carb recipe, and contains no starchy potatoes
  • High-quality protein for proper muscle development and only the most necessary and natural carbs for energy
  • All essential vitamins and minerals needed for strong bones and teeth 

White Fish _ Duck-Cropped.jpeg

Duck Meal & Herring Meal Recipe Grain Free Food

For Cats & Kittens

orange cat.png

Cats, like humans, are picky eaters and that’s especially true when it comes to food that is good for them. This is why we focus on flavors they will love, and ingredients that will keep them healthy. Our Duck and Herring Recipe Grain Free Cat & Kitten Food is specifically crafted with only what your cat needs for a complete, healthy, and tasty meal. Protein from duck (our #1 ingredient) promotes healthy muscle development, along with balanced calcium & phosphorus for healthy bone growth; natural sources of glucosamine which helps support joints, and omega rich fish oil helps nourish brain & vision development, while supporting healthy skin and a vibrant, soft coat.

Key Benefits

  • High-quality protein for proper muscle development
  • Omega-rich fish oil to nourish brain & vision development, as well as soft skin and a healthy coat
  • Potato Free, Chicken Protein Free, Low Glycemic 
  • All essential vitamins and minerals needed for strong bones and teeth
  • Great for felines with sensitivities to grains
Duck and Herring GF Cat _1_.jpg

Salmon Meal & Brown Rice Recipe Food

For Dogs | All Life Stages


Does your dog love fish so much they practically have fins? If so, our Salmon & Brown Rice recipe is the perfect meal for your pooch! Pet Wants Salmon & Brown Rice was created for the health and well-being of dog’s young and old. Salmon is #1 and from there, we blend in only natural whole grains and antioxidant rich vegetables and fruits.

Key Benefits

  • Great source of Omega-3's to promote a healthy skin and coat, as well as ease food sensitivities
  • High-quality protein for proper muscle development and only the most necessary and natural carbs for energy
  • Contains cranberries and blueberries. These ingredients are high in antioxidants and low on the glycemic index. This lends to an improved immune system, without the concern of fruits and veggies that may spike blood sugar.
  • All essential vitamins and minerals needed for strong bones and teeth
Salmon-BR-2-300x300 _3_.jpg

Healthy Treats

Our commitment to health doesn't stop at our food. Our natural, nutrient-packed treats are an excellent compliment to a Pet Wants diet! Here are some of our healthiest standouts:

sea mussels_cutout.png

Chilean Blue Sea Mussels

Natural source of glucosamine and chondroitin. Great source of omega-3s. Protein which helps support the muscular and nervous systems. Fats and Omega fatty acids which aid in normal cell function and healthy joints, bones, and skin. Minerals including calcium, iron, potassium and phosphorous which support the immune system, metabolism, cognitive function, and cardiovascular health.

Freeze-Dried Beef Liver cutout_sm.png

Freeze-Dried Beef Liver

Great for pets with sensitivities/intolerances. Full of protein and perfect for rewarding your furry family member. Nutrient-rich organ meat and a good source of lean protein. High in iron, zinc, fatty acids, Vitamin A, thiamine, taurine, niacin, riboflavin, and other minerals. 

freeze dried chicken treats.png

Freeze-Dried Chicken Hearts

Naturally occurring taurine – essential for a healthy heart. Solid source of high-quality protein. Is a nutrient-rich striated muscle meat and is a good source of thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B6, phosphorus, iron, & zinc.

Freeze Dried Minnows_cutout.png

Freeze-Dried Minnows

Easily-digestible protein source and also contains Niacin, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, phosphorus, selenium, riboflavin, magnesium and is low in saturated fat and a good source of omega 3 fatty acids to help keep a shiny pet coat. It contains many other key nutrients to help improve digestion, relieve sensitivities & intolerances, promote healthy teeth and gums, strengthen bones, and promote an overall healthy immune system. 

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Let Pet Wants Denver teach you all about pet nutrition this month by scheduling a FREE 1:1 Nutrition Consultation with us! We'd love to discuss your pet's nutritional needs and how our fresh, all-natural pet food that we deliver right to your door is the best gift you can give your dog or cat - besides love of course!

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