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Employers nationwide are having difficulty both retaining and replacing staff 

The Departments of the State of California are no exception. Compounding this effect are studies demonstrating that even as the pandemic ebbs, the public sector has also experienced a consistent decline in employees. In 2021, the number of job openings for state and local governments was higher than any time in the past 20 years. Across all industries, job opening rates increased 52%, from 2.5% pre-pandemic to 3.8% post-pandemic, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is in conjunction with a 11.7% resignation rate for state employees, a 2%-point increase from 2016 (Farmer, 2022). Other sectors are experiencing problems with retention, but state workers are quitting their jobs even more rapidly and the positions increasingly remain unfilled.  

A study by the Mission Square Research Institute revealed that 38% of state workers accelerated their plans for retirement during 2021. Feelings of stress and burnout, vaccine mandates, improper compensation for increased workload, and a desire to continue working from home are all factors associated with state employee dissatisfaction. Another survey suggested that 31% of state workers were considering a job change, and about 8% wanted to leave the government sector altogether (Farmer, 2022). As state employees retire, younger job-seekers have been reluctant to take the baton. The younger generation’s tendency to change jobs more frequently and the private sector’s attractive benefits and salaries are additional factors cited for reducing the appeal of government careers for younger job-seekers.  

The public sector workforce is changing. The “new normal” may very well be a permanently reduced government workforce. Hence, it is critical that the public sector seeks long-term solutions to this looming change. 

One of the ways the state can respond to a decreased workforce is through automation and increased application of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The consulting firm Deloitte estimates that through using AI, the public sector could free up as many as 1.2 billion working hours each year (Farmer, 2022). Hence, AI and automation have the potential to reduce employee strain tenfold

In response to the public sector’s changing workforce, Acuity has partnered with Crow Canyon Software. Crow Canyon automates your current Microsoft 365, SharePoint, and Teams platforms to increase productivity and alleviate tedious tasks. Crow Canyon solutions include ready-to-use business applications, Bots for MS Teams, and NITRO Studio, a comprehensive no-code business process automation platform that includes forms and workflows, portals, dashboards, reporting, and analytic tools.

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Nitro Forms lets users design and implement personalized, functional forms. It includes an interface for creating, editing, and viewing list items. The user has control over how data is displayed and how user input is handled. Nitro Forms provides a WYSIWYG forms designer whereby developers can easily create forms with drag-and-drop controls. The forms designer has options for tabs, sections, themes, action buttons, scripting, permissions, and many other features.  

Nitro Workflow allows users to create simple-to-complex workflows triggered by user input, changes to data, system events, or a schedule. Robust features enhance the productivity of developers yet are also simple enough to be implemented by power users. Approvals, escalations, auto-assignment, task management, notifications, scheduled reports, document generation, and integration with external systems are just a few of the processes that the Crow Canyon applications can automate. 

Nitro Forms and Workflow also allow developers to create Teams bots that automate requests, approvals, assignments, searches, status reports, escalations, and more. Companies can now install a customized Bot in Microsoft Teams that fits an organization’s unique set of requirements and rapidly adapts as needs change. 

AI and automation are critical for a radically changing workforce. Crow Canyon leverages your current solutions to help departments transition post-pandemic. 

For more information on Crow Canyon’s solution, reach out to We are proud to be listed resellers on Crow Canyon’s SLP.  


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