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December 2020

Welcome to our HeartMind Adventure!

Our HeartMind Adventure activities give you a way to understand more about the value of "Our 5Cs"—consciousness, compassion, confidence, courage, and community. Here is a simple way to begin, starting with yourself.

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Step One:

In a journal, whether digital or an old-fashioned log book, write down our 5Cs: Consciousness, Compassion, Confidence, Courage, and Community, leaving a space (perhaps a page) between each word.

You may also opt to use our template.

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Step Two:

Consider yourself, your well-being, and the world around you. Observe instances of our 5Cs and the emotions or bodily reactions you experience as you consider consciousness, compassion, confidence, etc. Are you tensing up? Anxious? Relieved? Feeling a sense of calmness or noting changes in your breathing?

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Step Three:

In your journal, or using our template, take brief notes, compiling information on your thoughts and activities, and your reflection, under the appropriate “C.” 

Over the next month: observe, reflect, journal, and deepen your understanding of heart centeredness and mindfulness.

Keeping the 5Cs in your Heart and Mind

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What are your takeaways from this first step on our HeartMind Adventure?

People who have completed this exercise tell us that this process was engaging and useful, and that it helped to clarify their values and their actions. Many initially felt a sense of wonder, sometimes curiosity, and sometimes a sense of groundedness and well-being. Join us on Facebook to discuss your thoughts and feelings as you explore our HeartMind Adventure this month.

Stay posted for next month's entry in our HeartMind Adventure Series