At Acuity, we place a strong emphasis on delivering a wide range of high-quality solutions that we wholeheartedly endorse. While certain aspects of our practices might be more widely recognized, we make an effort to be involved in every facet of your technology stack. An example of such a stack that we have carefully curated revolves around our infrastructure, storage, Networking and data center solutions.

Below, we present some of our most esteemed partners in this particular segment.

Arista Networks

Arista Networks is a technology company specializing in the development of networking solutions. It focuses on providing software-driven cloud networking platforms for data centers and high-performance computing environments. Arista's offerings include Ethernet switches, software-defined networking (SDN) solutions, and network management tools that aim to enhance scalability, efficiency, and automation in modern data center operations. The company is known for its innovative approach to network architecture and its commitment to delivering robust, reliable, and high-speed networking solutions for the digital age.

Arista is very similar to Cisco, but far cheaper. They have excellent support, and the solution is very intuitive. They are already being used at several state departments.

ZPE Systems

ZPE Systems is a company that specializes in providing hardware and software solutions for out-of-band management and remote access to IT infrastructure. Their products and technologies are designed to help IT professionals and administrators manage and troubleshoot network devices, servers, and other equipment from anywhere. You're able to SSH directly to the port needed. It has a modem for backdoor/out of band management, so that you're able to access devices even if the network goes down. Their solution also has the ability to run automation scripts on devices that are plugged in and need a first time set-up, so if you are doing the same thing repeatedly you can have the script do it. Depending on the model from ZPE, you can also have devices act as servers and provide VM hosting so that you don't need additional equipment. ZPE has an unusually large number of console ports, and the ability to connect to a plethora of devices via the console. You don't need to have switches and routers at your desk, or stand in the data center. You can set them up and connect remotely.

ZPE Systems is already being used at FTB and CHP.


Fortinet is a prominent cybersecurity company that offers a wide array of solutions to safeguard networks, systems, and data from cyber threats. Their offerings include firewalls, security appliances, secure SD-WAN, endpoint security, cloud security, and more. They emphasize integrated security through their Security Fabric architecture, allowing various solutions to work together cohesively. With a focus on automation, intelligence, and comprehensive protection, Fortinet serves enterprises, service providers, and government organizations seeking robust cybersecurity solutions.


Qumulo is a data management and storage company that offers solutions for managing and organizing large-scale unstructured data. Their platform focuses on data storage and management in multi-cloud environments, providing a unified and scalable approach to handle vast amounts of data. Qumulo's solutions are designed to optimize data visibility, accessibility, and performance while ensuring data protection and security. Their offerings cater to enterprises dealing with complex data needs in industries such as media and entertainment, research, and other data-intensive sectors.


Rubrik is a data management company that specializes in providing cloud-based backup, recovery, and data protection solutions. Their platform focuses on simplifying data management across hybrid cloud environments, enabling organizations to efficiently manage, protect, and utilize their data. Rubrik's solutions offer features like data backup, disaster recovery, archival, and analytics, all with a user-friendly interface and automation capabilities. Their approach aims to streamline complex data operations, enhance data availability, and improve overall IT efficiency.


VMware is a prominent technology company known for its virtualization and cloud computing solutions. Their offerings encompass a wide range of software and services that enable organizations to create virtualized environments, optimize infrastructure, manage data centers, and facilitate cloud deployments. VMware's technologies span virtualization of servers, storage, and networking, along with solutions for desktop virtualization and hybrid cloud management. Their focus on innovation and efficiency has made VMware a key player in modern IT, transforming how businesses manage, secure, and scale their digital infrastructure.

VMware offers a diverse range of solutions, but some of their most popular and widely used offerings include:

  1. VMware vSphere: A comprehensive virtualization platform that enables organizations to create and manage virtualized environments for servers, storage, and networking. It forms the foundation for building and running virtualized data centers.
  2. VMware vCenter Server: A centralized management tool that provides a unified interface for managing multiple instances of VMware vSphere, simplifying administration and monitoring tasks.
  3. VMware NSX: A network virtualization and security platform that enables the creation of virtual networks, allowing for greater flexibility, security, and automation in network management.
  4. VMware Horizon: A suite of solutions for virtual desktop and application delivery, allowing users to access their desktops and applications remotely from various devices.
  5. VMware Cloud Foundation: An integrated platform that combines compute, storage, networking, and management components to simplify the deployment and management of private and hybrid cloud infrastructures.
  6. VMware vSAN: A software-defined storage solution that virtualizes and pools storage resources to provide scalable and high-performance storage for virtualized environments.
  7. VMware Workspace ONE: An integrated platform for managing and delivering secure digital workspaces, including applications, data, and devices, across various platforms and endpoints.
  8. VMware Tanzu: A portfolio of products and solutions for building, running, and managing modern applications in Kubernetes environments, helping organizations embrace cloud-native practices.
  9. VMware Cloud on AWS: A service that enables organizations to run VMware workloads on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure, providing a seamless extension of on-premises data centers into the cloud.
  10. VMware Carbon Black: A cloud-native endpoint security platform that helps organizations detect and respond to cyber threats across endpoints and workloads.

VMware is pretty much in every state department. We're thrilled to have them on our CMAS contract.

If you are interested in any of these solutions, please feel free to reach out to our team. We'd be more than happy to grab you more information, set-up a demo, etc.