Prison Achievement Award 2022

This year we are introducing for the first time the annual 'Prison Achievement Award' which will be awarded to a European prison. At EuroPris, we want to highlight and celebrate developments, overcoming challenges and initiatives that have been implemented in prisons across Europe. We know from our engagement with prison services that there are many excellent examples of practice and innovation which have been implemented in recent years. This is your chance to share your experience with the correctional arena. 

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The developments taking place within prisons are wide ranging and have resulted in positive and tangible improvements for the prison community.  

We know that there are significant examples of first-class practice among your prisons and services. From improvements of prisoners’ regimes, access and participation in education, cooperation with external services and stakeholders, healthcare, through care and reintegration pathways, to innovative improvements in buildings and infrastructure, digitalisation and physical conditions, to better staff support and wellbeing, to positive changes in culture.

Given that work takes place behind walls and rarely gets the public attention it deserves, we believe an annual award will help to highlight and shine a spotlight on your prisons’ success and achievements. 

The Prison Achievement Award will bring these initiatives into the open, facilitating mutual learning between European prison services and raise awareness of how prisons come up with solutions which will unite our network. 

Apply Now and Share Your Experience



The Jury is reviewing applications from 24 candidates. The jury members are:

  • Olivia Rope (Penal Reform International)
  • Torben Adams (UNODC)
  • Ilina Taneva (CoE)
  • Peter van der Sande (Formerly: Dutch Custodial Institutions Agency)
  • Adriano Martufi (Leiden University)

Selection Process

All projects deemed eligible will be considered by an independent Jury who will make recommendation in relation to the overall award winner. The Jury will consist of 3-5 impartial Jury members. They will not be a current employee of a European prison service. The Jury’s work will be led by a chairperson. 

Presentation of Award

The chairperson of the Jury will present the award at the EuroPris AGM. The practitioner/representative from the awarded prison will be invited to join the EuroPris Annual General Meeting on 20 June 2022 to present their work and receive the Prison Achievement Award. 

Eligibility Criteria for Nominations 

In order to be deemed eligible for consideration, your nomination should meet all of the following criteria: 

  • European - Prisons from correctional services in the Council of Europe region.  
  • Local - Significant development of a correctional facility at a local level, not a national prison service. 
  • Impactful - Results should show improvement and impact in one or more clearly defined areas.  
  • Sustainable - Results need to be possible to maintain over time, not a (temporary) project which ends with its funding. 
  • Recent - Development must have been implemented in the last 5 years. 


Preferred but not required: 

  • A New Departure - Change is unique, original or highly innovative. 


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