We assist Startups, Businesses, and Executives with proven techniques and processes to expand their companies and increase net profits. 

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Survival Pack includes:

Business Development Meetings - We will have several conversations during the process. These meetings will be via phone or video chat (FaceTime, Zoom, or WA Business.) 

Develop a Plan for Adjusting Company - We will discuss a "Plan of Action" in which we will assist in creating an updated infrastructure allowing your companies processes and procedures to adjust to our current environment.

Create a Constant Contact Account - Direct email marketing is effective when utilized correctly. One of the best platforms for this service is Constant Contact as they also offer: Contact information (similar to a CRM), landing pages, website building and hosting, data reports, social media interrogations, etcetera.

Plan a Marketing Campaign - A campaign to guide your consumer type to your business is imperative. Our methods work across the board, i.e., online and offline. Our proven strategies focus on:

✔️ Reducing operational costs

✔️ Increasing business

✔️ Providing a continuous revenue stream

✔️ Increasing net profitability

Provide a B2B, residential or consumer lead list - To accomplish more significant results, we will provide a list of new qualified leads. 

Set-up and create an email template - Our certified constant contact partner will set-up and create a subscribe response email and build your newsletter template. We will advance your companies branding and strengthen your online presence.

Provide content and copy - For the first month, we take care of everything! We will provide the written text, content, and photos for both your first advertisement and newsletter. Additional future marketing management services available (Read More.)

Execute Campaign - We will upload any contacts you may have and add the provided list to your contacts within the platform. All of these files are organized into managed lists, Current Clients, Current Prospects and New Qualified Leads. We then schedule your emails to deliver on a set time and day.


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