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For 40 years, the Rose Blumkin Jewish Home has been making a difference in the lives of seniors, offering exceptional skilled nursing and rehabilitation services, built on Jewish values.

Enhancing lives and meeting the community’s ever-changing needs is a top priority of the Rose Blumkin Jewish Home. Now is the time to invest in the future and ensure our loved ones experience the care they desire. 

Improvements and Expansion

Enhancing the Quality of Life

Long-term residents will have more privacy and less turnover in their neighborhoods. Short-term rehab residents will have dedicated space to themselves.

Private rooms replacing the double occupancy rooms, vibrant new décor and flooring throughout, updated kitchenettes with new fixtures and equipment, and modern new dining room furniture.

A 32-room building addition will feature private 400 sq ft rooms,

a second floor dedicated to short-term rehab with cutting-edge physical therapy, and second story outdoor space for rehab residents.

Current Total: $9,057,888

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Chris Ulven

Executive Director

Rose Blumkin Jewish Home

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Executive Director

Philanthropy & Engagement

Jewish Federation of Omaha

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