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Invest in Renewable Energy with GAIN

GAIN is pleased to announce the launch of our $100 million Renewable Energy Fund. This fund will invest in solar, energy storage, and EV charging projects to accelerate the transition to clean energy. As an accredited investor, you have a unique opportunity to invest alongside GAIN and generate attractive returns while also supporting the growth of renewable energy.

Benefits of Investing in Solar, Energy and EV

Investing in these projects has compelling benefits

Infrastructure-like profile

Solar assets have 25+ year operating life with low ongoing maintenance costs, creating stable asset values.

Stable cash flows

Solar projects benefit from long-term power purchase agreements, providing consistent cash flow. EV charging generates steady usage-based fee revenue.

Tax advantages

The new Inflation Reduction Act offers tax credits up to 50%.  That means up to 50 cents of every dollar is reimbursed by the United States.

Grow with huge market opportunities

Solar, energy storage, and EV’s are some of the fastest growing markets globally. Solar capacity is projected to grow over 15% annually through 2026. EV sales are growing at over 48% per year as adoption accelerates.

State credits

Many states also have significant energy credits which offset a substantial amount of the project costs.

Positive environmental impact

 Expanding solar and EV infrastructure reduces carbon emissions and pollution. You're accelerating the sustainable energy transition.

Low correlation to other markets

Renewable infrastructure returns are uncorrelated to equity/bond markets. This diversification can improve portfolio risk-adjusted returns.

Two Ways to Invest

  • Invest for yield
  • Monetize tax credits

Invest For Yield

  • Target 10%+ yield
  • Investment in projects with long-term power purchase agreements
  • Quarterly cash flow distributions to investors

Monetize Tax Credits

 Investors with high taxable passive income can purchase tax credits at discount, creating an immediate return of 10%+

This $100 million fund is a sister fund to our $100 million GAIN Opportunity Fund 2 and our $20 million Electrify 1 Battery Tech Fund. Invest in all 3 for maximum diversification and upside in both the real estate and energy sectors!


The GAIN Renewable Fund offers a compelling opportunity to earn strong risk-adjusted returns and support the growth of clean power.

Learn More and Invest

The GAIN Renewable Fund requires a minimum investment of $50,000 for accredited investors only.

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