ITIL Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Program

This information is as of September 2023

Here is a guide which we hope you find helpful.

Our motto at ITSM Academy is 'Educate & Inspire' and we applaud PeopleCert's newly introduced Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program. We believe this program will elevate the industry and allow an ITIL certification to continue being one of the most valued in the IT industry. 

Continuing Professional Development benefits industries, organizations and individuals. Industries benefit when practitioners experiment, innovate, and develop new ways of thinking and working. Organizations are able to use these best practices to achieve their goals and demonstrate their commitment to their employees. Individuals are able to improve their knowledge and skills and advance their careers.

Earn your CPD to maintain your certificate(s), ensuring that you stay up-to-date in your field. Elevate your career by gaining access to top-notch articles, best practices, exam materials, templates, practice guides and exclusive webinars, all available through your PeopleCert Plus membership.

Review the two membership options - Essential and Plus - from this PeopleCert webpage | Download the CPD Guide.

If you choose to go the CPD Route, instead of the Exam Route, you must log 20 CPD points a year,

for three consecutive years (you can't log 60 at once, it has to be 20 per year). One year of 20 points, does not award you a one year extension. Here is a table to break it down for you:

CPD Category

Activity Examples

Professional Experience

(Minimum 5 points required)

  • Professional practice: applying best practice in the workplace
  • Coaching colleagues in relation to best practice
  • Mentoring individuals or groups to support their development
  • Work shadowing colleagues in relation to best practice

Professional Education

(Maximum of 15 points allowed)

  • PeopleCert certifications
  • Other certifications from PeopleCert Accredited Training Organizations (ITSM Academy🦩)
  • Other certifications from non-PeopleCert Training Orgs ITSM Academy has not been provided any specifics on this yet; we are waiting on reply
  • Professional qualifications from awarding bodies
  • Reading relevant books, publications, research, white papers etc.
  • Engaging with podcasts and webinars


(Maximum of 15 points allowed)

Download PeopleCert's CPD Guide in .pdf

  • Organizing industry / best practice related events
  • Contributing to community discussion forums
  • Authoring thought leadership
  • Attending industry events
  • Reading community discussion forums
  • Volunteering to share your knowledge and experience

While we are always happy to assist our learners, if you have specific questions, we ask that you send them to:

[email protected]

and cc: [email protected]

As scenario based questions are being answered by PeopleCert, we will continue to update our knowledgebase

All classes are delivered in our open-enrollment live, instructor-led virtual classrooms, and as dedicated courses for you and your team.

Qualified organizations can also license materials through our Courseware Licensing Program.

ITIL 4 Cheat Sheet - Which class is right for me??

Review our guide here

Ready to become an ITIL Master?

We have all the classes you need to earn your ITIL Master designation. Successfully completing each course not only moves you closer to achieving ITIL Master, it allows you to demonstrate your commitment to continuing professional development and renew all of your ITIL certificates for three years as part of the PeopleCert Continuing Professional Development program.

The ITIL 4 Master designation recognizes individuals that have developed a broad and deep base of knowledge about IT service management during their training and certification journey and have mastered the full suite of ITIL competencies. This designation demonstrates the capability to apply the principles, concepts, methods and techniques from ITIL in the workplace at strategic, tactical and operational levels. Perhaps most importantly, it demonstrates a commitment to learning and continuing professional development.

Click here to read our Breakdown of ITIL Master Click here to read our Breakdown of ITIL Practice Manager

👀 Download the ITIL 4 Guiding Principles Poster 👀

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