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Welcome to Stitch by Stitch! We are located in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

We specialize in connecting people with exceptional sewing and embroidery machines, the highest quality quilting fabric, and the best tools, notions and education to grow them into the artists they want to be!

We are thrilled to be a Shop Hop host and are excited for you to go looking for that bunny! Where could the bunny be? Keep reading to find out!

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Let us help you grow your skills to the next level!

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Feature of the Month: Sew Fine Thread Gloss

About Sew Fine Thread Gloss


Jenn is the maker behind Sew Fine Thread Gloss, living in rural Ottawa, Ontario Canada. She likes to call herself the thread whisperer. She has been sewing almost her entire life, and remembers pulling out a gnarled chunk of beeswax from her grandmother's sewing kit, later finding out what she used it for - taming her threads! For years she has used beeswax in her own sewing, and now she's sharing her thread gloss with the rest of the world! 

Sew Fine Thread Gloss is a beeswax based scented (and unscented) thread conditioner to help tame your unruly threads and make your hand-sewing a more enjoyable experience. Beeswax provides needed strength to natural threads and allows for less drag as the thread glides through the fabric with ease. Phthalate free fragrance oils are used in their scented versions which are bath and body safe, colourless, and water soluble – meaning any residual fragrance can be washed out. Set the mood for your hand-sewing session or choose a scent based on the season. Think of it as aromatherapy while you sew!

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Vanilla Bean

If you’re looking for a strong, true vanilla scent, this is the thread gloss for you! 

sew-fine-sew-fine-thread-gloss-floop-floop-05-oz image

Floop Floop

Sunday morning cartoons just weren't the same without that sugary tropical cereal (that you secretly still love)

sew-fine-sew-fine-thread-gloss-lemon-peel-05-oz image

Lemon Peel

Bright and delicious, this mouthwatering fragrance delivers the perfect burst of citrus to liven up your hand-sewing!

The October bunny is hanging out with one of the products above!

*if you're looking for the November bunny, click here.

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