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What’s happening this Sunday?

It’s Dedication Sunday for presentation of our 2021 pledges AND it’s World Communion Sunday. We will be celebrating in two ways.

What are the two ways?

You can celebrate Communion during the 9:30 AM service on our YouTube channel. And/or you can come to the church Sacred Garden between 11 AM and 1 PM for Holy Communion with Rev. Jim Ewing.

How can I celebrate during the YouTube service?

Have some bread and juice at home. Everyone viewing the YouTube service will be invited to partake at the same time, so we’ll be communing together. And don’t worry about whether you have the “right” bread or juice. As long as you’re preparing your heart to participate in the service with millions of other Christians on this day, the type of bread or cracker or juice or milk or wine is not important.

Tell me more about taking Communion in the Sacred Garden.

Rev. Ewing and Elders will be available from 11 AM to 1 PM. Leadership will wear masks and have gloves. The elements are pre-packaged with a prefilled Communion cup of juice and a wafer. Members of our Stewardship and Worship teams will guide you (or your family unit) into the garden using proper social distancing. By using a 2-hour timeframe, we should avoid folks getting too close to each other.

Can I take Communion at my home during the service broadcast and also take Communion in the Sacred Garden?


And what about my pledge card?

You can bring it to the Sacred Garden on Sunday during Communion. Stewardship will be there to receive our pledges at the entryway of the Family Life Center for Dedication Sunday. You can also mail it to the church, preferably by the end of the week. Another option is to submit your pledge card electronically at this link.

What if I can't find my pledge card or did not receive one?

Blank pledge cards will be available on Sunday under the entry way of the Family Life Center. There is also the electronic option. You can find a copy on our website to print at home or complete your card online and a copy will go to Jacqueline and you will have an electronic copy. This form is NEW & IMPROVED and is much easier to complete than in years past. Find the forms on our website at

What if I am unable to make pledge for 2021?

Come celebrate Communion at church anyway! If you are unable to make a pledge for 2021, we ask that you please return your pledge card noting a $0 amount. This will help us in formulating a budget for the coming year and also help our Stewardship Committee with their follow-up process.

What else is happening on Sunday, October 4, 2020?

You are invited to bring a bag lunch, your own lawn chair or blanket, and have lunch in the courtyard after Communion. The Stewardship committee will provide drinks and dessert. Once again, leadership will help to ensure social distancing. Not everyone will feel comfortable attending lunch, and that’s quite understandable.

Will tables be available?

Not really. A couple will be set up for members who absolutely cannot bring a lawn chair or who are unable to navigate a blanket on the ground. But we really encourage everyone to bring their own chairs. We’re not set up to sanitize tables if lots of people use them.

What if it rains?

The picnic is off. We will still have Holy Communion in the Family Life Center.

We certainly hope you’ll participate in one or both of the services.

If you come to the Sacred Garden, please LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR

by wearing a mask and observing social distancing.

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Holy Communion

Details above about Holy Communion shared this Sunday in the Sacred Garden.

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2021 Pledge Card



Lunch at Avondale

Details above about our space distanced lunch in the courtyard.