As a Registered Nurse for the last 18+ years I have seen firsthand what happens when we don't take care of ourselves. Being a part of this Real Life Wellness Monthly Membership you will have tools to build your own wellness practice, focusing on how to strengthen the areas in your life that support the foundation of wellness: Stress reduction, nutrition, movement and healthy routines.


Hi- I am Faith. I am a Registered Nurse and a Holistic Health and Wellness Coach. I provide compassionate care and holistic guidance to inspire individuals to live authentically and thrive in mind, body, and spirit, guided by nursing wisdom and holistic coaching.


As a member you get:

Daily wellness challenges that are practical and doable even with a busy schedule! These are emailed to you each morning.

Healthy recipes created for meal planning/prepping for your week.

A meditation that you can attend live on zoom each week, the recorded version will be sent to you as well!

And get ready for this…. you get everything I mentioned above included for only $29 a month!!! That is less than $1 a day!