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Training Now Available!

Imagine feeling more confident to help people around you as they struggle with anxiety and fear. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic and social unrest in our country, people seek comfort from friends, family, and loved ones. Often, they are seeking you.

Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary is proud to offer a new online, anytime, anywhere, any device biblical counseling training and certificate program called Counseling by the Book. Developed by our own Dr. John Babler, Chairman of the MABTS Biblical Counseling Department, Counseling by the Book is specifically designed so Christians can learn at their own pace and provide sound biblical counsel to those who need help. 

A certificate in Biblical Counseling from Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary communicates to everyone your dedication to being fully equipped to appropriately apply God's inerrant and sufficient Word to the situations people encounter.

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See what's included

in your training...

Session 1: Welcome, Introduction, and Case Study

Session 2: Avoid the World's Wisdom, Turn to God's Truth Part 1

Session 3: Avoid the World's Wisdom, Turn to God's Truth Part 2

Session 4: Scripture and Counseling, Part 1

Session 5: Scripture and Counseling, Part 2

Session 6: Doctrine of God

Session 7: Doctrine of Man

Session 8: Doctrine of Church

Session 9: Heart of the Problem

Session 10: Process of Biblical Change

Session 11: Instilling Hope

Session 12: Counselor/Counselee Relationship

Session 13: Foundational Biblical Counseling

Session 14: Counsel Ephesians

Session 15: Biblical Confrontation and Discipleship

Session 16: Unbiblical Thinking

Session 17: Medication and DSM-5

Session 18: Life-Dominating Sins

Session 19: Data Gathering and Asking Questions

Session 20: Legal and Ethical Issues

Session 21: Homework

Session 22: Marriage Counseling

Session 23: Grief and Crisis Counseling

Session 24: Anxiety

Session 25: Forgiveness

Session 26: Evangelism

Session 27: Dealing with anger and depression

Session 28: Counseling Children and Adolescents

Session 29: Counseling Issues in Blended Families

Session 30: Counseling Those with ADHD

Session 31: Case Studies

Session 32: Suggested Resources 

Session 33: Capstone - Psalm 119

What Others Are Saying!

Virgil Walker

Virgil Walker is co-host of the Just Thinking Podcast. Here's what he has to say about Counseling by the Book:

"In the past, many have fought for biblical inerrancy. As it pertains to the counseling environment, biblical sufficiency is of primary importance to address the issues of life. What we found most beneficial was those who completed the course developed a greater confidence in the Scriptures as they searched the Bible for answers previously sought through other means. This training is a “must” for all believers regardless of their role in the church. It's the only training that I find is able to do such a thorough job of equipping the saints for such a task."


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