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Fall Trip to Colonial Williamsburg

On Wednesday, September 7th, students traveled to Jamestown, Virginia to tour the first settlement in North America in 1607. Students then spent the next two days in touring Colonial Williamsburg. The focus of the trip was the study of the 18th century in Williamsburg. This is broad enough to cover the lives of men, women, and children of all classes, the political climate of the pre-Revolutionary era, the impact of religion on daily life, and the many well-known historical figures such as Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and Peyton Randolph. Students toured the Governor’s Palace, the Capital, and many of the craft shops. On Friday, September 9th students wrapped up their visit with Yorktown and the battlefield where the Revolutionary War ended with the surrender of General Cornwallis to General George Washington.  


Student Council Elections

This past week, sixteen middle school students ran for Student Council positions. On Monday, each gave a compelling speech at the middle school assembly. By Friday, students had placed campaign posters in the Commons, shaken hands by the entrance in the mornings, and many passed out lollipops! We are really proud that so many participated and did such a great job presenting themselves. We look forward to all being involved in Student Council in one role or another.

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Field Trip to Camp Silver Beach

On Tuesday, October 4, the sixth and seventh grades traveled to YMCA Camp Silver Beach in Jamesville, Virginia for a three-day camping experience. Students engaged in a variety of outdoor activities including night zip-lining and hiking. Students learned about Bay and Forest Ecology, Orienteering, and Astronomy. In addition, this trip created opportunities for wonderful bonding and teambuilding experiences that we can build throughout the school year.