Onboarding Checklist


Welcome to EVA! We are excited that you have chosen us. This checklist is your guide on what you need to complete your first week of school. It is important that you complete everything on this list by the end of your first week (onboarding week) so that you can have the strongest start possible to guarantee a successful school year. Some of these steps you can even complete before your start date. In fact, you will want to complete steps 1-4 right a way so you can be sure to attend your first orientation. Let's get started!

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Step 1: Set Up Your Student Email

  • Go to http://office.evergreenvirtual.org or https://portal.office.com/
  • Sign in using your new login information
  • username is your new email (first initial, last name, last 4 digits of your school ID number, @evergreenvirtual.org EXAMPLE: Name. Charlie Brown; ID number: 12345 - email would be [email protected])
  • password is your birthdate in this format: 3 letter month, 2 digit day, 4 digit year EXAMPLE: birthdate is January 1, 2008 - password would be Jan012008

Step 2: Set Up Your Student Account in Canvas

You will receive an email from Canvas in your NEW email account with instructions on how to log into your StrongMind account. Here are the basic steps:

  • Access the welcome email and select "Create Password"

  • Create a unique password. You may also update your username if desired.

  • Select "Save Password." You will then be redirected to the logout screen.
  • Navigate to https://smor.instructure.com
  • Use your newly created username and password to log into Canvas.

If the create password link in your email has expired, please call Tiffany Folsom at 541-294-0112 for help getting into your account.

Step 3: Watch This Short Video

Step 4: Access Your Onboarding Course

Log into your StrongMind account and go to "Dashboard" or "Courses" and click on the Onboarding Course. Here you will find copies of the slides we will go over in your live orientation sessions, the link to join the live orientation sessions, as well as links to the recordings of the live sessions (these will be added after each live session).

Step 5: Communicate With Your Advisor Over the Phone

All students at Evergreen Virtual Academy will be assigned an Advisor. They will be contacting you soon if they have not already. It is very important that they speak with both the Learning Coach and Student. Please return their phone call if they leave a message. Communication with your advisor must be voice to voice or text not email for this initial call.


Step 6: Read the Letter from our Attendance Coordinator

Step 7: Attend All Orientations and Required Work Sessions

During your onboarding week, you will have required orientation sessions in the online school each day. You will also see online class links for other sessions such as advisor check-ins. 

Orientations will be at 9:00am Wednesday-Friday for Elementary students and 10:30am Wednesday-Friday for Middle and High School students. Students will need to check their calendar for other sessions scheduled by their advisor.

These live orientation sessions are required for attendance. If a student is unable to attend a session, they must watch the recording and email [email protected] a short summary of what the session was about.

Students can find their orientations and other sessions in their To Do list which is found in their dashboard and in their onboarding course:

Or in their Calendar:

Once you click on a link from your To Do List or from your calendar, this box pops up. You will want to click on the link in the details section where it says "Click HERE" to join the session.

Step 8: Sep Up Your Student Work Space

  • Find a place with good internet connectivity
  • Find a place with limited distractions
  • Is there enough space for your computer and a notebook/textbook?
  • Consider printing and posting your weekly schedule where you can easily see it
  • Make it your own! If it won't be a distraction, add pictures, items, etc. that will make the space feel inviting.

Step 9: Using the Class App for live sessions

You will get more training on the Class app during orientation, but please see the image below regarding joining a session.

Once you click on the session link from your calendar or To Do list, you will be prompted to open class. Simply click on the "Open Class" button.

Step 10: Setting up Learning Coach Observer Account

With Canvas/StrongMind, you have the opportunity to create a parent/learning coach account that will allow you to observe your student's account (progress, grades, calendar, etc.). Please click the button below for step-by-step instructions on setting up your observer account.

School Calendar

Text Opt Out

EVA staff may use texting as one of our communication methods. If you do not wish to receive text messages from EVA staff, please click the link below to fill out an opt out form.

Need Help?

Please reach out to your Advisor or the Student Engagement Coordinator


Kinder-4th grade: Shaina Gredvig 541-294-2757

5th-6th grade: Kendall Elliott 541-435-4165

7th grade: Ally Manley 503-347-8155

8th grade: Amy Baker 541-294-6762

9th grade: Laura Bruland Marlow 541-751-5837

10th grade: Rachel Aldinger 458-710-0406

11th grade: Morea Beatty 541-294-5292

12th grade: Charla Graepel 541-852-6870

Student Engagement Coordinator:

Tiffany Folsom 541-294-0112

For technical support for your school laptop:

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