Pamela M. Donnelly Consulting

2020-2021 Pricing Sheet

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As founder of three educational services companies, I'm pleased to have built my professional reputation as a performance-focused executive. My specialization in higher education for over twenty years has provided processes optimizing individual and organizational objectives in the field of secondary education and its bridge into higher ed. As a consultant, I support transitioning teams toward clearly defined goals and a fully articulated mission. Data-driven, my leadership aligns people and resources to consistently deliver exceptional results.

Clients Leveraging My Consulting Services Include:

For-profit Corporations

Nonprofit Organizations

School Districts Seeking Improved College Access

College and University Administrators

Federal, State, and District Leaders

How to Engage

Email me below to share particular objectives and introduce your organization. The first 30-60 minute exploratory Zoom call is complimentary. Once we determine alignment and interest in proceeding, my legal team drafts the Agreement we both sign. This features a scope of work, NDA, and other stipulations upon which we will mutually agree. Longer engagements may be available upon request.


Introductory Consultation


Invest two hours exploring how my consulting services can help you increase your efficacy and bottom line. Invite key decision makers to determine how best we can partner to optimize your greatest success. Initial written assessment included. Payment follows signed Agreement. Email to inquire.

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Half-Day Consultation


Increase your power in the market by leveraging my vast library of research, theory, and data. I customize solutions for your company, flexibly collaborating to attain urgent objectives. Initial written assessment, PPTX analysis, and formal recommendations included. Payment follows signed Agreement. Email to inquire.