Working Mom, Are You Overwhelmed?

You are in the right place. This complimentary ebook helps you start the journey out of overwhelm. Jessica Yancey shares her own story and multi-year experience with overwhelm. She also gives you a real tangible place to start.

Money Personalities

Five Basic Money Personalities, mindset profiles, that drive spending and saving decisions. And how to become the one that brings wealth.

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Finding Your Authentic Self

This ebook explores four practices for uncovering the real you. The more we embrace these practices, the more we can confidently and unapologetically share our truth.

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Six Steps to Quiet Self-Doubt

If you refuse to doubt yourself, what would that make space for? This ebook helps you with your biggest dilemma -- the monster in your head that holds you back -- self-doubt!

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"Overwhelm becomes a constant, a way of life. The idea of how to become less overwhelmed feels overwhelming in itself, almost paralyzing." ~Jessica Yancey

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