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Social Security

Answering Questions on Social Security Benefits:

Claiming Social Security benefits usually is preceded by numerous questions. When to file? Can we still work while receiving benefits? What if my spouse died? How does my recent marriage or divorce affect my benefits? This seminar seeks to shed light on those questions and is specifically geared toward individuals aged 60 to 70 years old.  

Roth Conversion to Reduce Taxes Over Lifetime

Why would I ever want to pay more tax now than I have to? Roth conversions are a very popular tool currently. Have you wondered what Roth conversions are or why many people are talking about them? Would they solve problems in your financial plan? What factors should you consider when figuring out how much, if any, of a conversion to complete? Join us for this seminar as we define Roth conversions, discuss why they are such a popular decision right now, examine the factors that go into the decision regarding conversions, and highlight several of the problems they can solve in your financial plan.

Charitable Giving Strategies

As financial planners, one of our favorite actions is to help charitably inclined individuals gift dollars in the most tax-efficient manner possible. Tax-efficient giving helps maximize the amount of money that is directed to local charities while keeping the most money in generous individuals’ pockets. Please join us as we discuss strategies including Qualified Charitable Distributions, Donor Advised Funds, Charitable Trusts, and more.

Long-Term Care

Approximately 70% of individuals over the age of 65 will require some form of

long-term care. With the costs of a nursing home stay of approximately $10,000

per month, long-term care can devastate a financial plan if not accounted for with proper planning. This seminar seeks to educate on the different forms of long-term care and highlight planning options for funding long-term care expenses.

Retirement Plans for Small Businesses

Preparing for retirement can be stressful and daunting, you could be asking yourself many questions such as: “Will I have enough to retire?” “How will I replace my paycheck?” “How will I minimize taxes and protect my benefits?” “Will my money last?” and more. FORBES BEST IN STATE WEALTH ADVISOR AEGIS Financial understands the weight of Financial Planning especially for retirement and is here to help you answer those questions and give you Peace of Mind.

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