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Dr. Leonard Weinstock

M.D. | Full Bio

Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS): Comprehensive Diagnostic and Treatment Strategies

Basic Development and Clinical Presentation of MCAS

  • MCAS: Systemic Syndrome – review of potential symptoms & associated conditions
  • MCAS Hx: Important questions to ask patients
  • Consensus-2 Criteria vs. Consensus-1 Criteria for Diagnosis of MCAS

MCAS Mediators Testing

  • MCAS Lab Issues
  • MCAS Workup: Biopsy Issues and New Development
  • DDx of MCAS

Treatment Strategies

  • Identify & avoid triggers, block receptors of mediators, inhibit mediator production & release
  • Natural MCAS Treatment Options & Food Elimination Diets
  • Inhibit Mediator Release and Block Receptor: Extensive Administration Options
  • Role for Low Dose Naltrexone in MCAS

Dr. Paul Anderson

N.M.D. | Full Bio

CVD Beyond Statins: Optimizing the Standard of Care Beyond Conventional Testing & Medications

In this session, Dr. Anderson will break down the (often simple) standard approach to cardiac risk assessment and treatment and then expand on potential ways to dig deeper and assess your patient in a more well-rounded and preventive manner. Standard of care and where that comes from will be briefly discussed but the focus will be on understanding inflammatory lipid biology, how to test for that, and comorbid contributors and what to do to treat your patient.


Dr. Mark Pimentel

M.D. | Full Bio

The Latest Research In the World of SIBO, IMO, and IBS

In this talk, Dr. Pimentel will provide the most up to date research on SIBO, IMO, and IBS, including:

  • recap of the latest research in the field
  • what does the research tell us about the “normal” small intestine microbiome
  • separating IMO (Intestinal Methanogen Overgrowth) and Hydrogen Sulfide from SIBO
  • treatments for SIBO, IMO, and IBS
  • getting to the root cause
  • mechanisms behind post-infectious IBS
  • clinical implications of the research
  • is IBS an autoimmune disease?
  • the impact of methane on the vagus nerve
  • stomach acid, GERD, PPIs, and HCl supplements
  • the IBS-smart test
  • breath testing: glucose vs lactose vs fructose

Dr. Pam Hutchison

N.D. | Full Bio

Parkinson's Disease - Effective, Evidence-Based Integrative Care

This presentation is focused on improving health care provider awareness, skill, and confidence in supporting patients with Parkinson's Disease. The incidence of Parkinson's Disease is growing faster than any other neurological disease in the world. Significant evidence supports diet, exercise, and other Naturopathic approaches to care for improving quality of life, reducing motor and non-motor symptom load, and slowing progression over time. Participants will gain an understanding of effective, evidence-based approaches to care, as well as key points to consider in the assessment and management of these patients.

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Dr. Martin Kwok

N.D. | Full Bio

Hypercoagulation – The Common End Result of Chronic Illnesses

Coagulation system is a well-protected system and is often only involved when the body was not able to successfully deal with inflammation or infection, namely when they have turned chronic. Hypercoagulation is an issue that is often under-appreciated and under-addressed in chronic conditions, which range from serious conditions like cancer, ischemic stroke, long COVID syndrome, autoimmune diseases or milder conditions like type 2 diabetes or chronic fatigue/fibromyalgia. In fact, addressing hypercoagulation will improve treatment success rate and decrease the risk of disease complications. This lecture shall touch upon the significance of hypercoagulation in chronic illnesses and how to manage it.


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