Be a Boss on the Battlefield and in Life!

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"Be a Boss on the Battlefield AND in Life” Challenge

If you want to learn the secret to balancing your professional duties as a gunslinger AND a family man/gal, then you have come to the right place! We've developed the "Be a Boss on the Battlefield and in Life" 22-day challenge to help you and other military professionals in your circle of influence achieve this balance!

You are invited to go on a journey for 22 days with Freedom Fitness America with a short but hard-hitting video sent to your inbox each day to learn what it takes to gain military human performance in the 21st century. Your main guide will be MSgt John Rudd, USMC who will share the importance of shifting his sole identity from being a terror to his enemies to opening the aperture of his mind, heart, and soul to remember his roots and invest in the people he values the most…his family & friends.

In this 22-day challenge, you will take a journey with John Rudd while learning more about our organization and what we can do to help prepare you and your fellow warriors for some of the hardships and harsh realities of what you'll face on the battlefield. If you're interested in getting a more detailed glimpse of what to expect, then here are some of the highlights of this journey should you choose to embark on it by registering using the button above or below:

  • You will hear John's story of joining the Marines after 9/11 including all of the ups and downs in his Journey as he climbed up the ranks in the Marine Raiders Community and went through some extremely difficult hardships at the same time.

  • You will witness John's self-reflection after almost losing his life how John and friends around him "chased the elusive dragon" as their source of identity that ultimately led to an unbalanced life destined for self-destruction.

  • You will hear about how John overcame moral injuries related to killing in combat along with practical insight on how to condition yourself and your team members in decreasing the risk factors associated with it.

  • You will learn the importance of building an identity outside the praise of others narrowly focused on your performance.

  • You will learn the lessons that John taught to aspiring Marine EOD techs entering the Marine Raider Battalions that enabled them to build stronger personal lives and healthier families while still maintaining combat readiness.

  • You will learn from Maj Chris Reardon what it truly means to be fit for the fight and life and why military units struggle with developing their people holistically to prepare for the challenge of combat and life.

  • If you stay with the challenge to the end, you will learn about the "Freedom Box" training system offered only by Freedom Fitness America that will enable you to step by step tie group functional fitness training with hard-hitting video content for guided discussions so that you and your team are physically, mentally, and spiritually prepared for the violence of combat!

The ugliness of war, deployments, long training periods away from family, getting married young, etc. cannot be the sole blame for why there are negative human breakdowns on the battlefield and in the personal lives of warriors. There is a need for preventative training of human performance that for far too long has been neglected...

So if you want to educate yourself by embarking on this journey for just a few precious minutes a day, you are promised that this time will not be in vain.

“So I say, take ownership…take extreme ownership...

Don’t make excuses, don’t blame any other person or any other thing. Get control of your ego...Don’t hide your delicate pride from the truth. Take ownership of everything in your world…the good and the bad. Take ownership of your mistakes, take ownership of your shortfalls, take ownership of your problems, and then take ownership of the solutions that will get those problems solved. Take ownership of your mission. Take ownership of your job of your team of your future and take ownership of your life.

And lead. Lead. Lead yourself and your team and the people in your life. Lead them all…to victory.

(Warrior Mentality-Motivational Speech, Jocko Willink).

A Sneak Peak at John Rudd's Story:

Almost 13 years after joining the Marine Corps, MSgt Rudd's marriage was crumbling - as he and his wife were emotionally distant, he was not the father he wanted to be, and internally he was struggling with dealing with the violence he had witnessed and participated in. He was struggling with burnout, but on a deeper level, he was struggling with finding an elusive sense of satisfaction in his own life.

Often the pressure of being a warrior and a family guy/gal is tough. John wanted to be a solid operator, but he also wanted to be a good dad, a good husband. He just didn't know how... 

In a hurry to see action and get into the fight, John joined his beloved Marines but was disappointed in 2008 on a tour to Iraq when it appeared that all the fighting was done. In 2011, that changed on a tour to Afghanistan where he got his wish to in what would turn out to be a very violent deployment. in 2012 he would become accepted into the ranks of the elite Marine Special Forces Command units as an EOD tech in which would eventually become known as the "Marine Raider" units...

John Rudd, while a great gunslinger, slowly became addicted to an identity (through multiple deployments) - that was based on the fragility of accolades he received in combat. As a result, he started neglecting his personal life in terms of his faith & family.

Slowly but surely, his life became entirely consumed with the need for adrenaline-rushing experiences and being seen in the eyes of his peers - as a "boss" on the battlefield. During 2015, John prepared for selection into the Joint Special Operations Command, but he received the worst news he could have possibly received... all of the brothers whom he had trained with, fought with, and ultimately lived life with - from Marine Special Operations Team "8231" - was killed suddenly in a helicopter accident off the coast of Florida. 

You see, John had survived and even “thrived” during the combat operations of his career. He and his brothers in arms cheated death many times although he admits he did lose fellow EOD technicians throughout his career. Because of the relative ones and twos in terms of deaths spaced out, John was able to block out emotionally the deaths of his fellow Marines in combat operations.

However, the foundation of John's life was built on shaky ground without realizing it. As a result, he was not prepared to handle the death of some of his closest friends. Right around the same time, he heard this news, he was conducting a counterintelligence polygraph. The investigator felt that John wasn’t answering a question properly and felt he was hiding something. John’s emotional suffering at this point along with other issues with was what was really bothering him eventually led him to fail his polygraph.

At one point soon after his friends were killed due to circumstances that he couldn't possibly control, and he was taken to a hospital for a psych evaluation. While he mentioned he was not suicidal, he did say that he could understand how people got to that place as the "rug of his life" felt like it was ripped out from underneath him...

On top of all this, John's family life was in shambles. He had adopted a 14-year-old daughter in 2015 - along with a 3-year-old and had a wife who had suffered multiple miscarriages in between his deployments.

Due to what had happened in his military operations and losing his brothers in arms - he was absent emotionally and physically in being able to help his wife through the struggles that she was going through in her own life and with his family. He recognized that he needed to take a "time out"... and it wasn’t that it wasn't necessarily that these jobs in of themselves were bad. It was just he hadn’t learned how to pace his work and family life (which was suffering) and to achieve a balance between the two.

Thankfully John's story didn't end in that dark hole of 2015.

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