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Women's Council of REALTORS

Florida August Meetings

Rosen Shingle Creek

9939 Universal Blvd, Orlando, FL 32819

Sunday August 21st, 2022


Resort and Second Home Property Specialist (RSPS)

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WCR Suite


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Toast to the Blue Reception

Please note only members of networks that "Joined the Blue" are allowed to attend this event.

(4 complimentary tickets for each network included with "Into The Blue" sponsorship)

Tin Roof

8371 International Dr

Monday August 22th, 2022


Opening Session

"Lead Like Jane"

Speaker: Monica Wofford

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Vision of the Network

Chris Lee: National President Elect

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Past State Presidents Advisory



Make Change to Make C$ange

How Advocacy can create profit in your business.

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Networking on your own


Welcome to the Jungle

The Leadership Jungle that is!

Start in:

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Wekiwa 4-9

Tuesday August 23, 2022


Bon Voyage: Destination International Real Estate Growth

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"Faces of a Leader"

Speaker: Susan Constantine

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Networking on your Own

Past State Presidents Lunch***

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Hanging by a Moment

2022-2023 Local Line Breakout

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Finding YOUR toy in the sand box!

General Membership Breakout

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District Vice President Breakout

Suwannee 13


Real Estate Reels for the

Awkwardly Hesitant

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Bylaws and Standing Rules



It's a Wrap

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Finance and Budget



Top Golf

Wednesday August 24, 2022


Leadership Briefing



Governing Board, Elections & General Membership Meeting


***Denotes a closed session. Only assigned committee members may attend.***

About our Speakers

Monica Wofford

In her sessions, Monica combines an engaging entrepreneurial spirit with a background in structured corporate culture. She rolls up her sleeves, dives in, and easily customizes her approach to meet your needs. In her background, Monica has both appeared on CNN and Fox, as well as authored six books, including Make Difficult People Disappear. She’s delivered leadership guidance to more than half a million people as a keynote speaker and was recently invited to become a member of the Forbes Coaches Council. Monica is the recovering workaholic with a life who gets things done early and fast, but values teamwork, sees the value in patience, and assertively shares her insights with pleasant passion. With Monica Wofford, there is an approachable softness alongside her polished, graceful, powerful business side both accompanied by her enthused and frequent contagious laugh. 

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Chris Lee

The more she has learned about the industry, the more passionate and involved Chris has become in training, leadership roles and advocating for the consumer. Her leadership journey was an unexpected one in the Women’s Council. As a newer member and new to the industry, the local Women’s Council network offered an opportunity to network with peers, create relationships with others in a safe and trusting space to ask questions and hone skills in the local marketplace and become familiar with services provided by and build relationships with local affiliates and strategic partners to benefit her clients. As she became more involved, she was asked to step into leadership positions and traveled to conferences to learn the mechanics of running a network. What she found was a nation-wide network of like-minded individuals with a common belief system in industry education and leadership training opportunities for women in real estate. Women from every background imaginable – different regions, cultures, educational attainments, personal experiences – and when brought together in the Women’s Council they created a mighty world of powerful women. And through our shared experiences we are harnessing that power! 

Susan Constantine

Susan Constantine, MPsy, is the world’s leading authority on body language as it pertains to leadership and deception detection. She is the author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Reading Body Language and has for the past decade been a go-to source for media outlets analyzing the body language of public figures.

The media regularly turns to Constantine for analysis of U.S. and global political leaders, celebrities, and suspects in highly publicized trials. She has appeared in more than 1,000 national and international television programs, print publications, and radio programs.

Susan often appears as a Prime Time Contributor and analyst on CNN, Dateline, Nightline, Fox News, Dr. Drew, Hannity, Inside Edition, On the Record w/ Greta Van Sustern, Good Morning America, The Today Show, The Marie Osmond Show, The History Channel, Nancy Grace, Jane Velez Mitchell, Geraldo at Large, and World Japan News. In addition, she has been invited as a guest host on The Chat, The Daily Buzz, and Emotional Mojo.

From small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, Susan provides scalable corporate leadership training. Her positive leadership coaching helps individuals overcome psychological barriers to reach their peak potential for career advancement or transitioning and goal attainment. She is the only body language expert with a master’s degree in Leadership Coaching Psychology qualified to train leaders and administer workplace assessment tools to individuals and groups to identify core competencies, and to develop coaching plans to enhance those competencies.


A special "Thank you" to our 2022 Strategic Partners

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