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The Evercoat Light Speed system uses LED curing to reduce time between application and sanding for potentially higher throughput in your shop!

Using the entire Light Speed system makes your repairs faster than ever. Using the best technology in our formulations produces a high quality finish and easy application experience.

Are you ready to experience the latest in LED curing in your shop?

  • Light Speed components cure ultra-fast with LED lamp
  • Provides potentially higher throughput in shop
  • Makes your repair more handsfree than ever
  • Light Speed Optex® Premium Body Filler offers dual cure capability
  • Curing time decreased dramatically when used as directed
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Want to learn more about what our innovative LED curing Light Speed system can do for your operations?

Light Speed System Details

The Light Speed System includes five different products to provide the ultimate repair finish in record time. The Light Speed products take your repair from beginning to end using: Light Speed Optex® Premium Body Filler, Light Speed™ LED Cure 440 Express, Light Speed LED Cure High Build Primer, Light SpeedLED Cure Lamp, and Light SpeedLED Cure Lamp Stand.

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Light Speed Optex® Premium Body Filler

Light Speed™ Optex® 

Premium Body Filler is the world’s best sanding dual cure filler offering unparalleled sanding qualities as a result of the Evercoat patented 

EcoResin™ technology. As an important product in the Light Speed system, the body filler can be cured on demand in 3 minutes with the Light Speed LED lamp. The filler also features patent pending color-change technology in which the body filler optically transitions from pink to a light gray-green when it’s ready to sand.

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Light Speed 440 Express

Light Speed™ LED Cure 440 Express is a fast fix for micro-pinholes that are hard to identify prior to primer application.This patent pending technology is a high-solids polyester that is easy to apply and cures on application of Light Speed LED lamp. Testing has shown that when used properly, up to 90% of all rework created by micro-pinholes are 


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Light Speed LED Cure High Build Primer

Light Speed™ LED Cure High Build Primer is a ready-to-spray hybrid polyester primer surfacer that provides exceptional filling capabilities. This high build primer is compatible with waterborne paint systems and VOC compliant.

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Light Speed LED Curing Lamp

The Light Speed™ LED Curing Lamp is the recommended UV/LED Light ScanGrip #03.5803US model to cure the Light Speed system of repair products quickly and efficiently. It's versatile design enables handheld curing or no-hands compatibility when used with the Light Speed LED Lamp Stand.

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Light Speed LED Curing Light Stand

The Light Speed™ LED Curing     Lamp Stand holds the Light Speed LED curing lamp in place to ensure a proper cure of your repair. This stand eliminates the need for manual holding of the lamp to allow you to work on other aspects of the repair. It's small footprint and easy set up offers a quick and easy curing process.  

How It Works

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