Learn the 5 Basic Steps of Salsa.

The 5 Rules of Salsa that will give you a great foundation to avoid any future mistakes.

Most importantly create a habit of practicing


We wil also go over how to listen to the music, do spins and body movement and how to spice up your steps with what Salsa Dancers call Shines.

Learn all the elements of Bachata.

From Footwork, to Body Movement, to Spinning. We will cover:

7 different basic steps.

7 different body isolations to practice.

7 different spins you can do in bachata.

We will show you how to practice the elements together and get a bonus session of partner dancing.

We will show you the secrets of connecting with your dance partner. You will learn a new Salsa figure every week for 5 weeks.

We will review each session and show you how to put them together.

We will share with you the intricacies of Leading and Following and help you move as one with ease and flow.

Date night just got more fun!


What Is Included In The Salsa Footwork Essentials?

Every day you can spend 5 to 10 minutes with Nina and practice your Salsa Footwork together. This program will bring you an intimate awareness of your basic steps. Confidence in yourself as a dancer will grow from the practice that even as little as 5 minutes a day will bring,

The Program will drop videos for 30 days and access to this portal will be open depending on your payment and offer that you signed up for. If you would like to keep your access open, you can also purchase an upgrade and get access through our membership package.

What you get: 

Day 1: Watch our Intro to Program video and meet Nina, go over how the program works and set your vision. Watch all the videos that are available on Day 1 and then do the daily practice.

Day 2 to Day 29:  Watch videos every day and practice alongside Nina in the comfort of your own home. Every video will be between 5 to 10 min in length, so practice will be easy to accomplish. The videos will be held on this membership portal and can be replayed and watched as many times as you'd like during your access. Every day a new video will be unlocked. We will combine the basics in different ways, with different speeds of music and you will get better with all the variety of repetition.

Day 30: Watch the Celebration Video. We will celebrate our successes, think about how we overcame our challenges, and create a future plan for what's next. 

Full Class Sessions:

We will teach you about body movement, spin technique, musicality, and footwork embellishment called shines. 

Day 7 Session 1 - Body Movement

Day 14 Session 2 - Shines 

Day 21 Session 3 - Spin Technique 

Day 28 Session 4 - Musicality 

By the end of the program, you will have had a lot of practice and repetition that will give you that confidence, fluidity in movement, and body memory needed to take on more complex salsa learning like partnered classes in person, or advanced salsa footwork. 

The best way to complete this program is to stick to the process and watch one video a day.You will also benefit immensely if you join our Private Facebook Group.


What Is Included In The Bachata Essentials Course?

We have a great 21-day Bachata Essentials Course

Learn 21 different bachata aspects. Every day get a new concept and a practice session.

We are covering all three bachata styles: Urban, Dominican, and Sensual. All in this challenge. So it is like doing 3 courses in one!

We will work on the Steps and learn 7 different ones! We will work on Body Movement and 7 different body parts! We will work on Spinning and get 7 different techniques! Every day you will get a breakdown video explaining how to do the move and a practice video so you can follow along with Nina and dance together.

Day 1 to 7 Learn The Steps

Day 8 to 15 Learn Body Isolations

Day 16 to 21 Learn To Spin

We also have 3 Full Class Sessions

Day 5 - Review and Shines Part 1

Day 10 - Review and Shines Part 2

Day 15 - How to Dance Bachata with a Partner!

By the end of the program, you will know all the essentials of Bachata. You will be able to review the practice videos until you feel completely fluid and confident, and be ready to get to a Bachata class in person and focus on the move being taught.

The best way to complete this program is to stick to the process and watch one breakdown video a day, and do the practice video a day for the first 21 days, and then go back and do the daily practices in each section until you feel you have mastered it before heading to the next section. You will also benefit immensely if you join our Private Facebook Group.


What Is Included In The Salsa Couples Course?

This is a 5 week Program that will teach you how to do 5 different Salsa Figures you can use in any salsa song.

Every week you will spend 1 session learning from Nina and Brent, practicing your Salsa Combos for Couples. This course will give you an awareness of the basic moves to get started and be able to dance to a song together with your partner. Confidence and fun dancing together will grow with time. This is a great way to spend a date night and be ready to make your holidays and outings extra special!

We will also review the week before in every session.

You will learn:

Week 1 - The High Five Turns

Week 2 - The Half Ocho - aka Cuatro

Week 3 - The Cross Body Lead

Week 4 - The Waterfall

Week 5 - The Handshake Ocho

This is a 5-session course that will cover one new move each week. By the end of the course you will be able to dance a salsa song with all these moves. 

We will be most importantly focusing on the leading and following of dancing, which is the foundation for making sure that communication happens smoothly. 

You will also get access to our Private Facebook Group where you can ask questions and post your videos.



Get Access to our Dance Vault for 6 Months

You will see all the courses, all the bonuses, tips on how to learn from home and QnA.

You will also get access to our Private Facebook Group Community to ask questions, and find an accountability partner.

As new courses get created they will be added to the vault!